All roles are open for any ethnicity and are not necessarily gender specific.

   Auditions for all 9 plays will be held at the same time, so you can audition for more than 1 play.  You can specify which play(s) you are auditioning for on the your audition date.

   Callback slots are specific to each play; directors will call you back at their discretion.

   Sign-up sheets are posted on the audition board at T. Schreiber Studio.

   You must sign up in person. Please do NOT call the office to sign-up for a slot.

   Please be certain you can make the audition date before you sign-up, AND IF NECESSARY, please cancel well in advance.

Important Note:

We need your full commitment to the rehearsal, tech, and performance period.  Please carefully review your own schedule and the production schedule below and note any conflicts on your audition form.


(all will take place at T. Schreiber Studio)

Monday, November 30, 2015: 10am-4pm

Tuesday, December 1, 2015: 12pm-7pm

Wednesday, December 2, 2015: 1pm-8pm


(the callback schedule is specific to the play you are called back for)

Friday, December 4, 2015: 2:30pm-10pm

Sunday, December 6, 2015: 12pm-5pm

Rehearsal Period

(dates and times determined after casting)

December 7, 2015- January 26, 2016


(date and time will be determined with your director)

TBD: A 1-hour block the week of January 19, 2016-January 25, 2016

Transitions Rehearsal + Dress Rehearsal (mandatory)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016: 6pm-10pm


(10 performances)

January 27, 2016- February 7, 2016

Wednesday-Saturday: 6:30pm call/8:00pm curtain

Sunday: 6:00pm call/7:30pm curtain



   Please prepare a 1-minute monologue

   Pick one that you feel most comfortable doing

   Each auditioner will get a 5-minute slot to allow for reviewing conflicts and minimal Q & A


The plays are unpublished, so you will not be able to purchase them.

Copies are downloadable by clicking on the show’s title listed below.


An Honest Dialogue

written by Matt Fowler

directed by Anthony Inneo

ANNA (Female)- 30’s

CLAUDE (Male)- 30’s

A husband and wife have a completely honest discussion about the future of their relationship.



written by Glenn Alterman

directed by David Hausman

SHE (Female)- 30’s-70’s. Can seem a bit rough, always speaks her mind

HE (Male)- 20’s-70’s. Kind, caring man

He and She wait for the bus …or is it for something else?!


Exit Plan

written by Marsha Mercant

directed by John Howard Swain

KIRK FRANKLIN (Male)- 45-50. Businessman, eldest sibling, stabilizer, voice of reason

TORI FRANKLIN (Female)- 42-47. Works in sales but is unfulfilled by it.  Passionate, angry, only girl in the family, has a bit of a chip on her shoulder

DUANE FRANKLIN (Male)- 30-35. Late in life addition to the family, marches to his own drummer, left family 12 years ago to find himself and found God in the process

Against the backdrop of their father’s imminent passing, three siblings are confronted with old hurts and unresolved anger. After a twelve-year absence, Duane, the youngest, returns home to find his ideas about what to do for their father are not welcome. Kirk and Tori, his older brother and sister know their father’s wishes and resent Duane’s demands to insinuate himself in the process. Ideals are questioned and philosophies challenged as the three siblings struggle to come to an agreement on their father’s Exit Plan.


Louisville Sky

written by Andrew Phillips

directed by Ivette Dumeng

BLACK (Male)- a young African-American male, 18-25

BLUE (Male)- a young African-American male, 18-25

SANDRA (Female)- a young white woman, 25-35.  Has the appearance of a school teacher

While waiting to make a drug deal two young African-American men contemplate the themes of a movie they are watching and subsequently their lives.



written by Erik Champney

directed by Joan Kane

DIANNE (Female)- 16. Former member of the Manson Family. She is cherubic with an innocent heart

THOMAS (Male)- 17. Her foster brother

A teenage girl learns that home isn’t where she thought it was.


Soap Story

written by Dave Carley

directed by Joseph Giardina

ADRIAN (Male)- any age

BROCK (Male)- any age

CHANTAL (Female)- any age

DRU (Female)- any age

Four people find themselves caught in a La Ronde-like web of deception and discovery that starts with an innocent bar of soap. Be careful what you wash for…



written by Philip Kaplan

directed by Jessica O’Hara-Baker

SHELLY (Female)- any age. New Yorker

DMITRI (Male)- any age. Drummer, from Ames, Iowa

Two strangers and an iron develop a friendship on the subway.  


The Glorious Gloria

written by Penny Jackson

directed by Lori Kee

GLORIA (Male)- 55. A transvestite performer

EVE (Female)- 25. GLORIA’s daughter

Backstage in a Las Vegas dressing room, a daughter discusses marriage with her transvestite father. 


Two Mothers at a Roadside Café

written by Allan Bates

directed by Janet Bentley

CHRISTINE (Female)- 40-60

JAN (Female)- 40-60

WAITRESS (Female)- any age

Two women meeting for the first time prove to have a momentous bond.