HYSTERICAL by Jim Geoghan

WORKSHOP PRODUCTION, directed by Crystal Edn

Run: July 13th-July 23rd


New Audition Dates:

Wednesday, May 18th: 2-7pm

Thursday, May 19th: 11-5pm

Saturday, May 21st: 3-7pm

Callbacks: Tuesday, May 24th: 5-10pm

You must sign up for an audition slot in person at the studio!

Remember to bring a hard copy of your headshot/resume!

Tentative Rehearsal Schedule (beginning May 31st):

Tuesday’s: 6-10pm

Thursday’s: 3-7pm

Saturday’s: 2-6pm

Sunday’s: 2-6pm

Tech rehearsals begin July 5th

Run: July 13th-July 23rd

The play is serio-comic. Actors should have a good sense of humor, timing and the absurd.


BOBBY….. male, 35 to 50. A comedian. A high functioning alcoholic. Personable, funny and plenty confident about it, quick witted, charming, and animated.

HELEN….. female, 35 to 60. Head psychiatrist at a state mental hospital. She has a horrible job and she knows it. Worn out, weary, and overworked, but she still tries.

LISA….. female, 30 to 50. A comedian, Bobby’s current girlfriend. Attractive, funny, slightly self-deprecating, every
bit as sharp as Bobby but kinder in her humor. Has fallen for “the wrong guy” most of her life but Bobby may break that habit.

KAY….. female, 18 to 30. Bobby’s ex wife. A ballet dancer. Bright, talented, beautiful, full of life, a living ray of sunshine. She may seem “too good to be true” but she exists only as a memory to Bobby and her loss has enhanced everything about her.

MONROE….. male, 30 to 60. A long time mental patient who’s never going home. Inventive, clever, resourceful, easily irritated and confrontational. Highly intelligent but also genuinely insane.

JOHN….. male, 50. John is frightening from a hundred feet away. He has never been seen in anything but a suit. He’s immaculate, anal, fastidious and picky. He looks perfect because he needs to be perfect. Very little in life gets his approval. He is cold, steely, and humorless and it seems to please him.

JASON….. male, 12. Bobby’s son, the child of an alcoholic. A modern age child raised by housekeepers, cleaning women and extended family. Resigned to the fact he will make his own frozen dinners and get himself to school until he can make a life of his own.

BETH….. female, 15 years senior to Bobby. An incest survivor. A quiet, polite, nicely dressed professional woman… all of it designed to hide how damaged she is.

CHORUS – 2 females, 1 male to play a variety of roles



Bobby Side 1

Bobby Side 2 with Jason








Patient 1, 2, 3

Woman 1 and 2. Sour Man and Woman