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Locally and Globally THE FALLEN Enchants, Inspires

T. Schreiber Theatre’s production of THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana directed by Terry Schreiber receives critical praise, glowing comments from audience, and distinguished international attention. UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights, Dr. Ivan Šimonović attends THE FALLEN The Critics Have Spoken: NY1 Raves About THE FALLEN and more Audiences are Enchanted DR. IVAN […]

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The Critics Have Spoken

Our production of THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana made the #2 slot on Culturequake:  The 10 best Off-Off Broadway plays of 2013.READ MORE. REVIEWS: Roma Torre’s NY1 Review for THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana Transcript July 7, 2013 Watching THE FALLEN is a refreshing reminder of the raw power a good play possesses […]

Audiences are Enchanted

After every performance of THE FALLEN, the audience enters the lobby in a kind of hushed state of awe. Playwrights, fellow actors, students, writers, loyal patrons and newcomers have been inspired to express their thoughts about THE FALLEN. Every email, Facebook post, Tweet, and online comment by our Goldstar patrons has raved about the play. […]

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Meet Playwright Yasmine Beverly Rana

T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre’s 2013-2014 Resident Playwright, Yasmine Beverly Rana Yasmine has been very busy since our amazing collaboration on THE FALLEN last summer. She has written a new play for Schreiber’s Shorts: Beyond Our Backyard 2014 called FAUNA AND BLOOD (inspired by Imran Qureshi’s installation “The Roof Garden Commission” at the Metropolitan Museum), […]

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Summer Programs Now Enrolling!

NOW AUDITIONING! the Six Week Acting Conservatory AND the Four Week Summer Acting Intensive. Take a look below and decide which one is right for you… “All the teachers were so wonderful and had almost an intuitive understanding of their student’s needs.”  ~2013 Spring Conservatory Actor “It had everything I could have wanted.”  ~2013 Spring […]

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