Conversations With…

As part of the T. Schreiber mission, the studio hosts a “Conversations With…” series, usually on Sunday evenings, at different times during the school year. It provides an opportunity for young actors to learn and hear from established actors, directors and playwrights in a very informal and intimate conversational setting and is moderated by Terry Schreiber. Past “Conversations With…” have included: Edward Norton, Cynthia Nixon, Peter Sarsgaard, Mary-Louise Parker, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Frank Langella, Edward Albee, Amy Ryan, Alfred Molina, John Patrick Shanley, Paul Haggis, Cherry Jones, Judith Light, Jonny Orsini and Jerry Zaks.

Alfred Molina 5/2/10

“Alfred Molina once spoke to the actors at Terry Schreiber Studio and mentioned that they should figure out if they want to act or if they need to act.”

Oscar-winning writer/director Paul Haggis 3/21/10

Maggie Gyllenhaal 11/5/09

Edward Albee 5/10/09

Peter Sarsgaard 10/19/08

Amy Ryan 6/8/08

Frank Langella 3/16/08

Cynthia Nixon 6/17/07

Terry with Alfred Molina 4/15/07

Jerry Zacks 11/9/06

Mary Louise Parker with Terry 4/5/06

Terry with Cherry Jones 11/21/05

John Patrick Shanley with Terry 8/9/05