Beginning Programs

Meisner Technique 1

Meisner Technique for Actors focuses on putting together the fundamentals of a solid acting technique with a step-by-step approach to working on stage and screen.  Open, honest listening and responding is taught through a series of structured Meisner exercises to develop the beginning actor’s instincts and imagination and help to un-self-consciously bring a script to life. Building in confidence and trusting impulses, the actor allows truthful behavior to develop in a moment to moment progression of the exercises. These techniques are then applied to a scene from a produced play, allowing the actor to bring a role and the scene to life.

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Beginning Meisner/ Strasberg/ Hagen

Using Meisner, Hagen and Strasburg exercise along with with Peter Jensen’s own processes the beginning actor will learn to work instinctively and freely while building technique in order to feel what it’s like to bring a character and scene to life.

On Camera 1

Focuses on training the actor to fulfill on-camera blocking and direction while incorporating truthful moment-to-moment involvement and spontaneity. The exercises provide the foundation for improvisations that develop an understanding of character and relationship. Scenes are assigned, rehearsed, then filmed, with director adjustments, allowing students to see how their work translates on screen and how vital specific work is to the film medium.

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The Weekend Acting Program

The Saturday Program is a two-part program beginning with in-depth technique work and continuing on to scene study.

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