New Teen Program

TSS Young Adult Conservatory for Theatre and Film

“There are so many schools for a young actor in New York. For me, finding T. Schreiber Studio proved to be an enormous blessing.” -Edward Norton-

For over 40 years the T. Schreiber Studio has provided a safe and supportive training ground for aspiring and working actors in theatre, film, and television. Our mission is to support and advance the art of acting through rigorous training, industry partnerships, and award winning professional productions. We are committed to training young actors with the same professionalism and creativity that has been the hallmark of our adult program.




Ages 14-17

The Studio offers a 2-term Conservatory for the beginning and professional young actor. Creativity, imagination, and instinct along with the foundations of technique are fostered in a noncompetitive yet rigorous environment. Through exercises and scene work, onstage and in front of the camera, the young actor develops the craft and art of acting. Offered in Winter, Spring and Fall.  FEE: $725 per term(8 sessions)


Incorporates an intensive, hands-on approach to acting, voice, movement, and ensemble work that cultivates free and open young actors who can trust their instincts because they are supported by concrete tools and techniques.
Classes: Acting Technique, Voice, Movement, Ensemble work


The young actor who is now working freely and instinctively begins applying the techniques of the first term to scene work both onstage and in front of the camera. The Conservatory concludes with a performance of scenes for family, friends, and faculty. Classes: Scene Study, On Camera for TV/Film Scene Study, Performance and Evaluation

Instructor: Monica Callan, Kristi Funk Dana

Admission: for an interview, please call 212-741-0209 for an appointment.