Private Coaching

Private Coaching for Actors

Instructors: Terry SchreiberPage Clements, Peter Jensen, Peter Miner, Susan Pilar, Pamela Scott, and Bob Verlaque

These one-hour private sessions give the actor an opportunity to work on material that cannot be covered in a scene study class: monologues, upcoming auditions, etc. They are provided for actors who are unable to attend a regular weekly class and need an intensive, personal one-on-one experience.

Scheduling and arrangements are made directly with the teacher.

Terry Schreiber   212-741-0209
Page Clements     845-313-8234
Peter Jensen        212-741-0209
Peter Miner         212-865-0625
Susan Pilar          212-741-0209
Pamela Scott       646-220-4202
Bob Verlaque      646-584-0183


All students are required to read and agree to the Studio Policies.