7 Backstage Awards!

nnT. Schreiber Studio has received seven Backstage Readers’ Choice Awards:nnFavorite Acting Company to Act with – 2010nnnFavorite Off-Off Broadway Theatre Company – 2010 & 2009nnnFavorite Scene Study Class – 2009nnnFavorite Dialect Coach (Page Clements) – 2009nnFavorite Cold Reading Class – 2009nnnFavorite Vocal Coach (Page Clements) – 2009nnThank you to everyone who voted! We were even runners up for:  Scene Study Teacher – Terry Schreiber, Dialect Coach – Page Clements, Vocal/Singing Coach – Page Clements, On – Camera Teacher/Class – Peter Miner, Commercial Workshop Class – John Swain (2010) and Favorite Rehearsal Studio and Favorite Casting Director Workshop (2009)!

T. Schreiber Studio is One of New York’s 50 Best Places to Keep Your Spirit Alive

T. Schreiber StudionnPlay the leading role in your own discoverynnTerry Schreiber says that acting begins for many as an escape from their lives, but eventually it becomes a journey to truth. It requires the courage to stand emotionally naked, open and vulnerable. Acting, he concludes, demands dedication of mind, heart and will.nnThe halls of the T. Schreiber Studio are sprinkled with pensive, pacing actors getting into character, rehearsing their lines. The craft as taught and practiced here calls for the actor to clear out emotional baggage and explore new concepts of the Self. In ever corner of the studio, students and teachers attempt to shed old skins and let go of inhibitions.nnClasses start with mind-body exercises ranging from meditation and Pilates (a stretching and strengthening discipline that elongates and o

pens the body) to bioenergetics (body-center exercises designed to remove emotional energy blocks). Relaxation and concentration of mind are established, and then the work (or play) moves toward activating imagination.nnOne teacher here described acting as a fantastic exploration of the body. At the T. Schreiber Studio, the body and the senses are considered portals to the creative life of the student. Passing through these doorways is a sacred journey.nnThe Studio’s classes and workshops invite both beginners and working professionals to surrender the ego so they can “exercise” their souls. There is no doubt – acting is a spiritual endeavor. It is a chance to be fully alive in the body and use personal history to generate a catharsis of character – to be so much yourself that you can become another.nnWhen acting is defined as this type of inquiry, we are struck by its potential for spiritual discovery. We have to reconsider weathered clichés about New York being a city of actors employed as waiters; in fact, this may be a city of courageous seekers waiting for their awakening.


Conversations With Paul Haggis

ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING screenwriter and director Paul Haggis, best known for his groundbreaking movie Crash and for his screenplay of Million Dollar Baby, joined the studio for a “Conversations With” evening on March 21st. This Sunday night series provides an opportunity for actors to learn and hear from established actors, directors and playwrights in a very informal and intimate conversational setting and is moderated by Terry Schreiber.