More Rave Reviews for Joking!

“Chalk up another success for the T. Schreiber Studio. Its latest production, Joking Apart, does full justice to Alan Ayckbourn’s hysterically sad, sadly hysterical story of the golden, lucky Richard and Anthea and their not-so-golden, not-so-lucky, frankly envious friends.” –Show Showdown n “…the play is a riot, and director Peter Jensen and actors Alison Blair, …

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We’re #1!!! has named Joking Apart their #1 show for this week! Congrats to the Joking team! n To get your tickets go here

Rave reviews for Joking!

Good News! We have received two RAVE reviews for Joking Apart and more keep rolling in! To read the full review just click on the links below and to get your tickets click HERE… n Martin Denton’s review for n Andrew Cohen’s review for

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…on the web that is… n The fine folks at WINKBALL came to see Joking Apart and got wonderful interviews from our cast (which you can see below). n Check out their website for more interviews as well as cast reactions nn nn nn nn n