Check Out Balm’s Raves

Balm in Gilead has received a couple RAVE reviews…here’s a little taste of the action: n “In an almost unfairly short two hours, we are suddenly absorbed into the life of a dingy all-night diner in 1965, trafficked by the thirty vulnerable “lost souls” of local renegades, prostitutes (both male and female), drug dealers, hustlers, …

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Get It Before It’s Gone

Balm has sold out for the 3rd week in a row! n Thursday-Saturday are sold out but you still have the chance to make your Halloween special. Tickets are still available for Sunday 10/31 at 3pm. n Don’t miss out on this racy and poetic play! Make your reservation now before it’s too late! n

come see the HOTTEST ticket in town

After two SOLD OUT weeks it’s official, BALM IN GILEAD is the hottest ticket in town! n nDon’t miss out on this racy and poetic masterpiece. n For reservations call 212.352.3101 or visit our website n

Balm Sells Out Second Week!

Balm in Gilead is sold out for the second week in a row! There are a limited number of tickets left for Saturday so don’t wait, get your tickets now! n

B.I.G. Production Photos

Click HERE to check out the pics from Balm in Gilead photographed by the talented Daniel Terna. Don’t forget to buy your ticket to this poetic and racy play. nnnnFor all my Balm junkie’s…here is a taste of the action…n Erica Lauren McLaughlin as BONNIE and Brad Martocello as TIM n Ian Bell as DAVID …

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en·sem·blenbynMariel Matero n Definitions of “ensemble”(pronounced ahn-sahm-buhl.): n –a group of supporting entertainers, as actors, dancers, and singers, in a theatrical production n -all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole n n n –the entire costume of an individual, esp. when all …

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Balm Sells Out First Weekend!

BALM IN GILEAD is SOLD OUT!nBefore we’ve even had a performance we’ve sold out thenentire first weekend! n Don’t Miss the Hype! Get your tickets NOW.nCall 212-352-3101 or visit our website! n n n n Don’t wait in line like these guys —-> n n nn Get your tickets now! n ******************************************************************************** nn Opening Night …

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Balm in Gilead Opens!

n Balm in Gilead Opening Night is October 16th…nDon’t Miss Out!!! n n n n n n n n n n n n n n …Join us after the show on the 16th for the nOfficial Production Party n natn Mustang Sally’sn(324 Seventh Avenue at 28th Street) n *All are welcome! Even if you can’t …

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