Producing on a Short Shoelace



We are pleased to announce the publication of Terry’s new book: Producing on a Short Shoelace, the culmination of 40 years of experience producing off-off Broadway theater. Actors and supporters of The T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre have had an indelible influence on the work and philosophy outlined in this publication.


We are so thrilled to share this book with you, just as you have shared your talent and dedication with us. Published by New York Theatre Experience, Inc., a Kindle edition of Producing on a Short Shoelace is now available through  It may also be read on your PC, iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry, Android and many other mobile devices.n 

nAmazon SummarynTerry Schreiber is a noted theater producer, director, acting teacher, andnfounder of the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio in New York City. Terry herentraces his forty-year career in the vanguard of New York’s off-off-Broadwaynscene, crisply summarizing the tricks, survival techniques and tensionsnentailed in striving to stay alive while producing scores of qualitynproductions on little capital, much love, imaginative entrepreneuring, thenaid of many others, and a bit of good luck here and there. Filled withnanecdotes and pragmatic advice, the richly textured book moves beyond anchronological account of Terry’s career and the history of his Studio tonpresent Terry’s thoughts on past events and how they shaped his philosophynas both a teacher and a long-standing leader of the theater community. Thisnis a must-read for up-and-coming indie theater artists. It containsninvaluable how-to-and how-not-to-guidance on making theater on a “shortnshoelace.”