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T . Schreiber’s One-Year Conservatory offers comprehensive professional training designed to prepare dedicated actors for thriving careers in theatre, film and television. This full-time, demanding program is tailored to serve the actor’s individuality and talent and to develop fully rounded actors in whom body, voice, and instinct are integrated.


Brittany Baratz, Marcus Bender, Matilda Brow, Hannah Rose Corwin, Isabelle Dungan, Valery Saint-Clair, Ruben Fonseca, Kiran Gurav, Christopher Hawthorn, Alixandra Kupcik, Calia Lavine, Toby Macdonald, Lucy Noonan, Stacie Orrico, Sean Bennett, Crystal Peterson, Ryan Gordan Taylor, Daniela Valdivieso

Terry Schreiber Receives The Active Arts Award!

The Active Arts Awards Gala for Terry Schreibern~ Monday, April 22, 2013 ~

It was a warm and festive evening with friends and colleagues, beautifully catered andmplanned by The Active Theatre.


Tony Award Winner and T. Schreiber Studio alum, Anthony Crivello, honors Terry. What a glowing moment! Terry then poured out his heart to all of us with stories about his many years in the theatre. Because of the intimate surroundings, you could the faces of everyone beaming and wiping away tears. The love in the room was palpable. activelogoAbout the award:n”The Active Arts Award honors exemplary achievement in the theater arts as well as a commitment to and support of emerging artists and theater companies. The recipient is determined through a nominating process that includes The Active Theater staff, board of trustees and respected collaborators. Schreiber joins a distinguished roster of previous awardees, including Estelle Parsons and Austin Pendleton.” — (View entire article HERE.)

Affordable Headshot Photographers

MICHAEL KINGSBAKER Feathertreephotography.com 818-943-4214

Michael Kingsbaker is a very laid-back photographer. He has been an actor since he was 5 years old and has many years of experience on both sides of the camera. He prefers natural light and shoots a lot around Windsor Terrace, Dumbo, and the Meatpacking district. You can also use a location of your choosing. Your comfort is most important! When shooting, Michael believes the more honest you are with yourself, the better the photos you will produce. Don’t try to fit yourself into a box. It just doesn’t work. He also loves working with actors who have worked with Sam Christensen! Hair and make-up should be as natural as possible. If you don’t do your own hair and make-up, he can put you in touch with make-up/hair artists that charge between $100-$200, depending on your needs. After the shoot, he will go through your photos and clear out the bad shots (the blurry ones or closed eyes). you will get a CD of your photos in jpeg format and your photos will also go up on Reproductions website. From there you can order your prints straight through them! Easy! He also will do some minor retouching as needed. The turn around is between 3 and 4 days. Photo Shoot Rate: $300. Specials: Bring a friend and shoot in tandem, have more fun and save some money. $400 for both you and your friend. Not only do you save some money, but you have more fun at the same time!n

T. Schreiber Actors get a $50 discount as well!

SHAI YAMMANEE shaiyammanee@gmail.comnshaiyammanee.comMICHAEL KINGSBAKER

Shai loves to have an ongoing conversation with you during your shoot to help put you at ease and to help you find comfort, which brings out the best in you! His signature shooting style is with a white background shot out of his apartment off the Utica Station stop in Brooklyn. There is no time limit when shooting. Shai believes in working with actors until they are happy. Bring a huge range of clothing options and be ready to play! As a veteran in-demand performer, he knows what casting directors are looking for and he knows how to create a relaxed environment to help bring out the best in you. Your photos are sent directly to his ipad for instant review and at the end of your shoot Shai will sit down with you and look through all your photos to help you pick the best ones. Make-up and hair: come in light and fresh, just how you would go into an audition. Less is more and we can always add and fix things in post, but you don’t want to have so much make-up on that you don’t look like you anymore. This is not included in your session, but his very talented and skilled wife will help you out if needed. Your Session: $200 What’s included: 2 fully edited/retouched photos and 6 unedited photos on disc for future use. If, down the road, you want more photos retouched there is a $25 retouching fee.


Alexandra’s philosophy: “A good headshot needs to look like you on a great day. That’s true, but it’s not as simple as that. Getting a great headshot takes work. And for me, that starts with your core: What is the universe asking from you and what are you excited about giving? Where those things overlap…that’s what we want to see in your headshot!” She shoots both indoors and out; inside her Brooklyn apartment for solid, clean backgrounds and in the Prospect Park area for photos with texture and atmosphere. All your photos will go up in a private gallery online for your review at the end of your shoot. Once you’ve made your selection, Alex sends you a full resolution photo right back to you! She will retouch 4 photos from your session, but sometimes gets carried away in the excitement of her work and you might end up taking home 6 or 7 retouched photos! She also works fast! “This business doesn’t wait!” She says. Photo Shoot fee: $300 for unlimited time, unlimited looks and 4 retouched photos. “I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer, because we don’t stop till we’re both happy. But if you aren’t happy, we’ll try again free of charge.”Specials: Alex does provide T. Schreiber students with a discount, but you will have to contact her for full details! Make-up: “Rule #1: You need to look like your headshot when you walk into that audition room, and this doesn’t happen when someone else does your makeup. I recommend doing your own make-up and hair for our session, but of course I will help. I have an eye for these things.” “I think this whole idea of “branding/type” is misleading and limiting. I am an actor… I’ve been asked to play a teacher, a bounty-hunter, and a drug addict. I am none of these things. However, I have come to understand that there is a specific type of story that I tell over and over through my work in different projects. It comes from my core, my truth, and it’s my journey as an actor to tell this story. Knowing the journey you’re on in your own life at this moment is what shines through in camera no matter what “type” you are playing. In a session with me, it is our goal to capture your core and then you’ll put on different outfits and we’ll go to different locations to underscore the range of the roles you can play truthfully. The truth is what’s important in your work, so let’s start the whole process there. From the headshot, to the audition, to playing the role.  Before we shoot, we’ll hammer this out with the help of some questions I have developed under the tutelage of teachers and industry professionals. And during our shoot, we’ll check in with each other to make sure we’re getting what we’re after. You may find you come away from our session with more than great photos!” By Helen Abell

4 Unconventional Uses for Facebook

facebook-vs-google-advertisingSocial media has expanded way beyond its roots as a way to re-connect with your old high school friends or to obsess over the cute boy who lives down the street. Major brands social media marketing have become so well integrated at times the consumer isn’t even aware they are being sold a product. But you don’t have to be a major corporation to make your Facebook page work for you! Below are 4 uncommon ways to use your Facebook page…nnStart a Revolutionn imagesAny of you who changed your profile to red last month already knows what I am talking about. Because of the broad reach of social media it has become even easier to mobilize the masses and create groundswell support for the causes we care about. It’s becoming harder and harder for legislatures not to notice the number of likes on a cause page or the trending of a popular hashtage like #marriageequality. It’s no substitute for good old fashioned voting or getting involved with the political process but it is a quick and easy way to let our government know where popular opinion lies. It’s also a great way to open up a dialogue with friends and acquaintances on the other side of the fence.nnWatch the NewsnCableNewsLogos254This seems counterintuitive but during the recent presidential election my Facebook news feed was announcing which states went blue or red faster than CNN…yes, this is partly because News channels need to go through fact checking sources and verifying information and your random fb friend doesn’t. But it’s also a numbers game. If every single one of your friends is watching a different channel and posting what they are viewing then you are getting the benefit of diverse sources of information. It would have been physically impossible to watch every single news channel all at the same time during the election night but it sure was possible to get the info they were presenting just by refreshing your news feed every few seconds. I also find that Facebook highlights news stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. I watch the same news channel every morning so when a friend posts an article or video from another source I get the opportunity to see something I wouldn’t have otherwise found like an interesting article about finance or law or another topic that I don’t normally encounter. Just make sure to pay attention to what source your news is coming from (i.e. if it’s a post someone put up from The Onion, it probably isn’t a real news story). And it’s a good rule of thumb that reports of celebrity deaths and/or sex tapes are often spam links that will potentially lead to your Facebook being hacked.nnSolve a crimen crime-sceneThis isn’t really a new concept, there have been numerous stories of stores putting surveillance footage on their Facebook page to help in identifying perpetrators, thieves being caught by posting pictures of stolen goods and/or status updates detailing criminal activity. There is also this genius woman who found her iPhone’s thief by using her iCloud to post pictures he had taken with her phone to Facebook.  You too can use fb in the same way. Post pictures of lost items and ask your friends to repost it. The reposting widens your network giving you more opportunities to have someone say, “I know that person” or “I’ve seen that missing necklace.” I’ve also recently seen friends posting about lost pets and reposting local stories on missing children.  Facebook is a quick way to direct a lot of attention to a crime creating a virtual network of witnesses. And we all know that witnesses and attention are the two easiest ways to get caught in a crime.nnFind a Jobnimages2You could use linkedin to do this, but I personally find it clunky. Plus the fact that you can see who has viewed your profile makes it difficult to achieve the level of stalking I am about to recommend. Say you have found your dream job at CompanyX, before you apply plug that company name into your Facebook search bar. If the company has any sort of presence on Facebook (and who doesn’t these days?) then a plethora of usable info should come up like their official fb page, friends and acquaintances that have worked for them or liked their page. Why is this helpful? The first reason is companies tend to be looser on their social media pages than on say a job listing or their official posts. Maybe you find a funny post about how the CEO hates stripped ties. You have quickly found a quick and easy way to give yourself a slight edge over all the competition. Or you can find out that the great guy you met at your best friend’s party also works for CompanyX. You now have a connection that can do anything for you from giving you advice about how to make a good impression, to telling you what it’s actually like to work at the company, to making sure your resume makes it to the top of the pile. Another way to go about this is to plug the name of the person who currently holds the position you are applying for, the head of their human resources, and/or the head of the department of which you are applying into the same fb search bar and check out their Facebook page. If you are lucky and they have a totally open page you can mine a lot of information. If you have any mutual friends that should show up on their friends section and that’ll give you your 6 degrees of separation to mine. You can also use Facebook to find links by posting a status as simple as “Anyone know someone who works at CompanyX?” or “Looking for a job, do any of you know of an opening?” It’s amazing the wealth of knowledge and connections social media provide. I was once trying to get a hold of a play I really wanted to produce but couldn’t get access to it so I posted a status asking if anyone knew the playwright and sure enough a friend of a friend did. In two quick minutes I had the playwright’s email address. Social networks make six degrees of Kevin Bacon seem like child’s play. Never has it been easier to find out that your sister’s friend’s cousin holds the key to your dream job. When searching common names like Jane Doe you may want to use the location or workplace filters to help narrow down the pool. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:nn-If you are Facebook friends with your co-workers and you haven’t told your work you are looking for a new job, posting a status about it is probably a really bad idea. What you can do in the meantime is put any of your co-workers into a list (go to the button on their page that says “friend” click on it and choose the “add to list” option) and then hide that list from seeing any of your profile or statuses while you are job hunting (using your privacy settings, choose the custom option which will let you include lists in who can/can’t see your profile). It’s more discrete than unfriending them and once you are in your new position you can reopen your settings and resume your Facebook love.nn-In the same way that you can use social media to get closer to job prospects, prospective employers can also use it to check you out. So if you don’t want your future boss to see those great St. Patty’s pics of you puking green beer, it’s probably a good idea to clean up your profile or change your profile settings to private while you are job hunting.nnWritten by Barbara Janice Kielhofer

Best Online Submission Sites

flip-camera1in no particular ordernnActorsaccess.comnRegister for FREE. Create a profile. Start submitting on projects. Each submission is $2. Or, for a much better deal, pay $68 for the year with a Showfax subscription and submit yourself to as many projects as you want. Agents and casting directors use Showfax to look for actors when casting a project, so by having a well-built profile, you are ahead of the game. And if you want to make sure you move to the top of the list, make sure you add your reel onto your profile. Every time you submit yourself on a project, your headshot, resume and reel are sent to the casting director. And those actors that have a reel attached to their profile move to the top of the list received by casting directors. Some projects have EcoCast, which means you can download the sides, put them on tape and submit your audition yourself! A combination of theatre, film, TV, Commercial, and student films are what you will find here. A great place to start if you are building a reel. You can get emails of breakdowns as they are posted, so you can be on top of your submissions! Submit on hundreds of projects in numerous regions. Two headshots are included in your profile. Castingnetworks.com Good news! If you are represented, you can create an account here for free. If you do not have an agent, the membership fee is $25. Unlimited Media hosting is $5/month. Unlimited photos is $6/month. And Unlimited project submissions is $5/month. A bit more expensive than actorsaccess, but you do get a discount if you pay in advance for 6 or 12 months.nnConnect and submit to casting directors and agents on projects. Create and update your resume and profile with ease. And if you are confused, they have tutorials to walk you thru the steps. CastingNetworks will also send you emails of projects as they come available. Which includes some theatre, but mostly film, TV, and commercial. NY Castingsn$90/year. 25% savings if you pay for the whole year at once. Payment options: monthly, every 90 days, or yearly. The further in advance you pay, the bigger the discount. Create your resume for FREE, which enables you to be searchable by CD’s. Just know you won’t be able to submit yourself on projects until you pay the membership fee. You can upload up to 19 photos for free and up to 3 videos as well. Let It Cast FREEEEEE!!!! One of my favorites and a favorite of anyone out there who loves to self-tape. This site brings together productions of low budget films, Indies and actors. All film work here. Actors create a profile and are then matched up with the requirements provided by production and character. When there is a character you match, your Dashboard will show all the films your profile matches and the ones you are eligible to submit an audition for. You can then download and print the sides and put yourself on tape. When you are ready, up load your audition to the production page and your audition is complete! One of the cooler features; you can see when your audition has been viewed by the production staff and how many times they have viewed your audition. Word of warning: Once you create your profile and start submitting, don’t make any changes. Especially your email. Because if you make changes after a submission, they will not be able to see these changes.nn800 Castingn$40 a year. This is one of the main sources agents use to find talent to submit to casting directors when they are presented with a project. Set up your profile and keep it up to date! Very important to be on 800 casting.nnBackstage.com For $12/month (if you purchase a year at a time), you get access to breakdowns across the board of Theatre, Film, TV, Commercials and unlimited online submissions. You are also allowed to upload several headshots/reels/resumes. You can also pay monthly (19.95/month rate) or 6 months at a time ($15.95/month rate). By Helen Abell


photo copyThree photographers with a different approach to headshots. What is unique about how they work is that they work together as a team. Juan (director), Ruben (director/writer/producer), and Danni (director of photography) have been working together as filmmakers for 5 years now in an international market. They are no strangers in the industry and have worked extensively with agents and casting directors. Meaning guys…they know what agents and CD’s are looking for when it comes to headshots!nnCOPASHOTS is really invested in actors and they want to make you look your best and help bring the purest form of your self to your photo. I sat down with Juan and learned about their passion for filmmaking, photography, and their dedication to creating the perfect photo for their actors.nn nnKEY POINTS OF COPASHOTS:nn*Have a sit down. Meet with them in person or on the phone to get a sense of how they work and to give them an idea of what you are looking for in your photos. COPASHOTS actually prefers if you call them up ahead of time. They understand actor’s fears and the investment you are putting into your headshots.nn*Before your shoot. They like to have coffee time (off the clock) to take time to talk with you and get to know you more before the shoot. They like to know who you are as a person to help bring out the best moments and essences of who you are while shooting.nn*They work together as a team in a fast and efficient manner, without making you feel rushed, opening up a door to a wide variety of different approaches to your photos. Feel free to play and improv in a set like environment. COPASHOTS feels this takes the weight of trying to force the perfect headshot off the actor, allowing them, as professional filmmakers and photographers to capture the beat and the moment that lets you shine.nn*They are very chill and create a relaxed, yet professional environment in their very large studio loft in Brooklyn off the Jefferson stop on the L train. Here they create film set comfort for a headshot session.nn*”It’s not just a photo shoot and then you’re done,” says Juan. They like to take their time with actors and get to know them. “The key to the photo shoot is to get the beat of the scene, to capture the moment that jumps off the page.” They work to get that photo they know the directors are looking for.nn*”From you,” Juan says. “Prepare to have a good time and to work hard. Also prepare to work in a different way. Arrive as natural as you can be. Be ready to be you! In your purest and most perfect state! Simplicity is key!”nn*As industry professionals they work with the ultimate equipment and lenses.nn nn nnp_photographerTHE DETAILS OF THE SHOOT:nn*Bring at least two different looks.nn*They can shoot in the Studio or Exterior (and never use the same exterior space twice).nn*Hair and makeup is included in the Premium Package. It is $100 extra in their Medium and Standard Package.nn*If you are doing your own makeup or having someone do it for you, remember to keep it natural and simple.nn*3 retouched photos are included. Minimum touch ups are done to make you shine, but are never overdone. The goal is to keep you looking like you. The person who walks in the door must look like the photo!nn*They will help select photos for you and they have a 48-hour turn around policy.nn*If the first shoot doesn’t work, come back and we will find a way to make you happy.nn nn nnTHE BONUS OF WORKING WITH COPASHOTS:nn***T. SCHREIBER STUDENTS GET A 10% DISCOUNTnn***THEY ARE FILMMAKERS! And filmmakers like to work with actors they have worked with before! Working with them opens the door to working on other projects! “You are now on our short list!” Juan says.nnBy Helen Abellnn