Meet Playwright Yasmine Beverly Rana

T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre’s 2013-2014 Resident Playwright, Yasmine Beverly Rana

nYasmine has been very busy since our amazing collaboration on THE FALLEN last summer. She has written a new play for Schreiber’s Shorts: Beyond Our Backyard 2014 called FAUNA AND BLOOD (inspired by Imran Qureshi’s installation “The Roof Garden Commission” at the Metropolitan Museum), which will premiere at the T. Schreiber Theatre in April 2014 and will be published in a forthcoming issue of The Kenyon Review Online.nnTommy-Eblast-2nnYasmine was selected by the Tommy Hilfiger Company and Glamour Magazine as one of four outstanding women of New Jersey to benefit the Women of the Year Malala Fund. READ MORE.n



About the Playwright

nYasmine’s plays have been presented in the United States and abroad, notably La MaMa E.T.C, New Stages Performing Arts Center in the Berkshires, Write Act Repertory Theatre in Los Angeles, The Looking Glass Theatre, Johns Hopkins University Theatre, Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, and New Diorama Theatre of London.  Publications include The Alabama Literary Review, The Best Women’s Monologues and The Best Stage Scenes (Smith and Kraus Publishers), Blackbird, The Kenyon Review, TDR: The Drama Review, and The Contemporary European Idea. Translations include Cinci Piese de Teatru. The University of Chicago Press and Seagull Books’ In Performance series published The War Zone is My Bed and Other Plays in 2011. The anthology was reviewed in the spring 2013 issue of Slavic and East European Journal.nnAwards include a Paulette Goddard Fellowship from New York University and a Walter E. Dakin Fellowship in Playwriting from the Sewanee Writers Conference. Yasmine was a finalist for La MaMa Experimental Theatre’s inaugural Ellen Stewart Award. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.nnYasmine serves as Writer in Residence at T. Schreiber Studios in New York which produced The Fallen in 2013, along with her new play, Fauna and Blood (T. Schreiber Shorts June 2014).  Fauna and Blood was inspired by artist Imran Qureshi’s “Roof Garden Commission” for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and will be published in a forthcoming issue of The Kenyon Review Online.nnYasmine was selected by the Tommy Hilfiger Company and Glamour Magazine as one of four outstanding women of New Jersey to benefit the Women of the Year Malala Fund.nnShe is represented by Susan Gurman.n

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Theatre News ~ June 13, 2013


THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana


Introducing Our Playwright

nWe at the T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre are honored to present Yasmine Beverly Rana’s The Fallen.  Terry Schreiber was lucky to catch a short-run of the show last year at Nora’s Playhouse (directed by Caroline Reddick Lawson) and was thrilled to meet Yasmine. Terry is excited to provide The Fallen with a six week run and hopes that more people will get a chance to experience this extremely important play.nnBelow, Yasmine tells her story about her trip to Sarajevo in 2000 where she met the women and children who inspired her to write The Fallen. (Originally published by The World Volunteer Web)n

~ Origins of THE FALLEN ~


Helping young people in BosnianOriginal article here


08 September 2000nby Yasmine Rana

nSarajevo has very few trees. There is a sense of desolation and devastation. There is a feeling of absence, of missing pieces that were once present. Despite the visibly absent and the devastated present, there is a place working to rebuild what was lost while focusing on its future.nnThe Sarajevo Youth House was established by UMCOR, United Methodist Committee on Relief, in December 1995. Since 1997, it has been registered as a local non-governmental organization (NGO). The Youth House provides local, returning and refugee children ages three and up with educational, psycho-social and recreational support in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling them to rebuild their communities and their lives. Self-expression is encouraged through classes in music and art. Programmes are also offered in languages, computers and media. There is also a successful preschool playroom programme. One of the strongest statements of creative expression is from the Youth House’s photography programme. Through this programme, children were given tools to capture images of Sarajevo toward the end of and after the war. Many of these photos have been sold to benefit the Youth House. They are chilling images of the people and buildings that experienced destruction. What was particularly powerful about the photographs was their perspective. Behind the lenses were children who were witnesses to what was happening to themselves and to their city.nnTo volunteer in the Youth House is to listen to personal accounts of the past and to see the future. Adolescents and teenagers shared with me their experiences of the war. Through fables used to teach language, children identified with the characters that “lost” something or someone. The art classes began to replace the greenery that was cut down during the war for heat, with a makeshift forest made from paints and paper, so the younger children would be surrounded by trees. The Youth House employees andnnVolunteers strive to create a setting for children to recapture what was stagnated and lost. Despite the conditions of the House, which would mirror the conditions of any post-war social service facility lacking funds and supplies, many children from the community are members.nnEarly next year the Sarajevo Youth House will move into their permanent residence. Although they have been operating in a small, borrowed space with few materials, the volunteers and employees have provided the children of the community with a place to develop themselves creatively, educationally and socially. There is a strong sense of belonging in the House. I, too, felt that sense of welcome and belonging. Although I went to volunteer for the summer, I returned with the feeling that I received much more than I had wanted to give.nn~Yasmine Rana volunteered at the Sarajevo Youth House in the summer of 2000.nnFor past reviews of THE FALLEN, click HERE.

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