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T. Schreiber Theatre’s production of THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana directed by Terry Schreiber receives critical praise, glowing comments from audience, and distinguished international attention.n

nDR. IVAN ŠIMONOVIĆ ATTENDS THE FALLENnnOn Friday, July 5th, the T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre was honored to receive a most distinguished guest: Dr. Ivan Šimonović, United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights attended THE FALLEN and joined the cast, production team, and playwright Yasmine Beverly Rana for an informal gathering after the show.n

Yas&IvanEDITYasmine Beverly Rana and Dr. Ivan Šimonović


IvanGeorgeAnandaGeorge Mouriadis, Ananda Bena-Weber, and Dr. Šimonović


AlexAnandaMollyIvanJoshAlex Carmine, Ananda Bena-Weber, Molly Gyllenhaal, Dr.  Šimonović, and Joshua Mark Sienkiewicz


Dr. Šimonović asked the actors why they would choose to do a play that asks so much of them emotionally.  Josh Sienkiewicz (Andrej): “We do a lot of research and we dig down deep into ourselves. We find the connections to these characters and events and discover our own families and loved ones. Beyond reading about the world, I guess the urge to know runs deeper for some of us. Acting, for me, is the ultimate knowing and understanding.” Ananda Bena-Weber (Sabine): “An actor can tell the stories of those who have been disempowered, give voice to the voiceless, and have them feel they are not alone. There is an extraordinary alchemy and something magical about actors and audience being in the same room together.”


GeorgeCyrusMeIvanGeorge Mouriadis, Ananda Bena-Weber, Cyrus Salvia, Janet Bentley, Dr.  Šimonović, and Alex Carmine


CyrusIvanTerryCyrus Salvia, Dr. Šimonović, and Terry Schreiber


Director Terry Schreiber was thrilled to have Dr. Šimonović in the audience.




All in all, this was an exhilarating evening. A warm thank you to Dr. Šimonović for sharing this experience with us. Our sense that this play’s significance reaches beyond art, beyond entertainment, has been truly validated



nTHE CRITICS HAVE SPOKENnnBREAKING: Roma Torre’s review of THE FALLEN aired  July 6th and 7th, on NY1. “Watching THE FALLEN is a refreshing reminder of the raw power a good play possesses in the hands of an astute director.” – Roma Torre, NY1nnAnother review from nytheatre.com describes THE FALLEN as “beautifully written with well-formed characters, great acting, directing and design.” nnWe have also witnessed a flurry of blog posts filled with truly energized and positive reviews.nnCheck out our Critics Have Spoken page to investigate more in depth.nn nnAUDIENCES ARE ENCHANTEDnnAfter every performance of THE FALLEN, the audience enters the lobby in a kind of hushed state of awe. Playwrights, fellow actors, students, writers, loyal patrons and newcomers have been inspired to express their thoughts about THE FALLEN. Every email, Facebook post, Tweet, and online comment by our Goldstar patrons has raved about the play. nnClick HERE to go to read some of their comments.nn nn nn n

Article by Janet BentleynPhotos by David Meadow

The Critics Have Spoken


Postcard-Front2 copyOur production of THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly Rana made the #2 slot on Culturequake:  The 10 best Off-Off Broadway plays of 2013.READ MORE.



nRoma Torre’s NY1 Review for THE FALLEN by Yasmine Beverly RananTranscriptnJuly 7, 2013nnWatching THE FALLEN is a refreshing reminder of the raw power a good play possesses in the hands of an astute director. A big budget is not necessary, nor are star actors or fancy sets. And if the off-off Broadway production at the T. Schreiber Studio is limited in resources, it is richly rewarding in drama.nnThe play by Yasmine Beverly Rana, concerns the women who survived the Bosnian War from ’92 – ‘95 – victims of the systematic rape and forced pregnancies by Serbian soldiers. An estimated 20 to 50 thousand Muslim women were violated repeatedly and the resulting children were aborted, abandoned or raised in a climate of tortured emotions.nnRana tells her story in 6 seemingly disparate parts but what appear to be loose threads are cleverly woven together by play’s end – yielding a picture that is complete but shattering. Jumping back and forth in time we see how rape as an instrument of terror becomes a national tragedy – many of the women threw themselves off rooftops while others lived in a state of shame…and their children, unable to shake their perpetual guilt.nnTerry Schreiber directs THE FALLEN with unflinching honesty. He manages to convey the brutality of war with an understanding that no one really wins. And even when it’s over, the moral toll on humanity lasts for generations.nnThe men, depicted during and after the war, are painted in shades of grey – there is no black and white in this story. And the sad, broken women are multidimensional as well. Yet each character, as written and performed, gives us reason by the end for a sense of hope.nnLike a foreign film, there’s a stark quality to this production, haunting and all too real. Thanks to Ms. Rana and THE FALLEN’s fine company, the Bosnian women emerge from the shadows of history into inescapably sharp focus.nnView NY1 Upload HEREn

IN THE NEWS:nNew Jersey.com Interviews Yasmine



From Other Reviews

n“The Fallen is beautifully written with well formed characters, great acting, directing and design.” nn-nytheatre.comnn“The most emotionally wrenching (and best) play of the last three months is Yasmine Beverly Rana’s The Fallen, directed by Terry Schreiber at T. Schreiber Studio. In The Fallen, Classical Camp is in the subject matter, and you wouldn’t blame Mr. Schreiber for attempting a full throated production that threatens to deafen the audience. But the delivery shades into high tragedy, especially in Kelly Swartz’s rendition of a young woman trying to understand her parents’ roles in the Bosnian War. Told in episodes that flash back and forth between the mid-nineties and the late aughts, The Fallen is the story of genocide and ethnic cleansing undertaken through a program of systematic rape of Bosnian Muslim women. The setup may seem to suggest a clear path to moral indignation and condemnation, but Ms. Rana’s script finds deeply moving complications in the relationship of a daughter — who was the product of one such rape — and her mother.”nnWill Kentonat Frontier Psychiatristnnn“The inclusiveness of Anais’s internal struggle, not merely for ethnic identity but for human identity, demonstrates the way drama transcends the courtroom and lifts this compelling and extraordinary play above other plays that try to wrestle with genocide and ethnic cleansing.”nnCultural Capitol

Audiences are Enchanted

After every performance of THE FALLEN, the audience enters the lobby in a kind of hushed state of awe. Playwrights, fellow actors, students, writers, loyal patrons and newcomers have been inspired to express their thoughts about THE FALLEN. Every email, Facebook post, Tweet, and online comment by our Goldstar patrons has raved about the play.nn nn“Moving, poignant, powerful stories. As each story unfolded, the actors truly held their own, showing great, targeted raw emotion and angst in their role of victim or perpetrator. Superb acting. Creative minimalist sets held my interest. Appropriate nudity ‘worked’. All in all, a production worthy of Off Broadway, for sure.”nnn-Goldstar membernnnn“A haunting play that left me wanting to learn more about the war. The actors were phenomenal and treated the delicate manner with the respect it deserved. Go see it before it’s gone!”nnn-Goldstar membernn nn“Emotionally charged performances by all. You’ll think about it long after you leave the theater.”nn-Goldstar membernnn nn“Fantastic watch. Intense but well written and well enacted. Clearly speaks to the psychological impact of the different stakeholders in the Bosnian war- the onlooker, the perpetrators, the victims and the survivors of the war! Definitely worth the time and money.”nn-Goldstar membernn nn“Always enjoy my experiences in this intimate theater. Emotionally stirring play..engaging actors; great set design. A solid production.”nn-Goldstar membernn nn“I truly enjoyed your highly-engaging and thought-provoking production of The Fallen. At the elevator, after last night’s performance, I conducted a quick exit poll among those who have just seen the play. They all agreed that it was an outstanding production.”nn-Ron Covarnn nnYasmine Beverly Rana’s play is undoubtedly well-written. It is cleverly structured which keeps the audience at the edge of their seat, constantly guessing and piecing the scenes and characters together as layers upon layers of information are slowly revealed…”nn-Ron Covarnn nn“Thanks for putting up “The Fallen”. Thank you, thank you.
It touches a sublime part of my humanity that I seldom feel; like hearing the echoes of a key, carved from ice, shattering in an otherwise empty ice cellar; a world away from the fullness of summer’s bustle outside.”nn-Fenton Linn nnWe just returned from the latest Terry Schreiber directed production at T. Schreiber Studios. Wow! This play documents the effects of war on an intimate level and explores the legacy of trauma. It is a moving drama that chronicles a mother/daughter story that goes from a scene in a holding room in Kalinovik Camp to a Sarajevo apartment rooftop in 2010. There are a few very upsetting scenes, but the subject matter is so humanly, intelligently and powerfully presented that is captivating and causes one to ask questions and discuss more… I highly recommend it!”nn-Cynthia Shawnn nn“Good Afternoon  Mr. Schreiber,nnI saw The Fallen this past Saturday evening….the writing was very, very good and the superb acting brought the story to life.  What happened is very sad and once again shows man’s inhumanity to man, but it’s a story that needs to be told!  Job well done!”nn-Allannn