Commercial Acting classes:  Let the camera capture YOU

Commercial acting classes at our Studio are designed to guide you to a refined, honest performance on camera.  Developing a relationship with the camera is one of the most difficult tasks of the commercial actor.  Unlock the tools to utilize the camera as a vehicle to capture your truth.  You will have the opportunity to work with an instructor who is an industry leader in commercial acting.  You can feel comfortable taking risks in these limited enrollment classes.  Register to secure your place in class and learn the art of:

  • creating a relationship with the camera
  • relax into your performance
  • understanding the commercial script
  • on-camera technique
  • playing in the audition room
  • being real in front of the camera

These classes offer actors the opportunity to develop their commercial technique and showcase their work with a casting director in the last class of the session.

Commercial Acting I

This six-week workshop gives students the opportunity to work with one of the industry’s most successful commercial acting teachers. Showcase with a casting director in the last class of the session.

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Commercial Acting II

Commercial Acting II is a series of “workout sessions” designed to sharpen your skills, identifying and correcting any weaknesses, while polishing your strengths. On the fifth and final night of the class, actors will showcase their work for Phillip Casesse, commercial agent with Stewart Talent. Phillip has been an agent at Stewart for seven years and books clients in commercials that shoot all over the world.

John Howard Swain has starred in 200 national commercials. He has also directed and produced commercials and knows what the actor needs to do, what the director is looking for and what the client wants when it comes to booking the job.

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