Intermediate Acting Classes

Intermediate Acting Classes: Building on the basics

Intermediate acting classes at T. Schreiber Studio are meant for actors who have a firm footing in their beginner technique and are looking to take their craft to the next level.  These intermediate classes will continue to work on the exercises in the beginner acting technique classes.  Further exploration of technique is made in intermediate acting classes through scene study, emotional preparation, and character work to create a more elevated performance for the intermediate actor.  In these intermediate classes, an actor can expect:

  • Personal, thorough and supportive critiques
  • Small, safe classes that allow risks to be taken
  • Carefully chosen scenes to explore with assigned partners
  • Exercises that delve more deeply into the physical and emotional life of the character

Beginning Scene Study w/ Pam

Continuing the moment to moment work in this on-going class, scenes are explored focusing on environment, emotional preparation and the beginnings of character work. Personal, thorough and supportive critiques are given about each individual’s work to prepare the actor for more advanced study.

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Intermediate Scene Study with Terry Schreiber

Scenes are explored for clarity of events, individual objectives, beats and intentions. An emphasis is placed on character behavior, activities, inner monologue and emotional life. Exercises are used to help actors dive into a character’s physical and emotional life, increase relaxation and concentration, and open up the actor’s instrument and imagination. Personal, thorough and supportive critiques are given about each individual’s work.

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