Beginning Acting Classes

acting classes for beginners
Acting student at T. Schreiber Studio.

Beginning acting classes at T. Schreiber Studio

Beginning acting classes are designed to lay a solid foundation of acting technique. Learn the fundamentals of technique from award-winning instructors in a focused, safe environment where you can take the risks you need to grow. Acting classes for beginners involve both group and individual work, warm ups, and exercises that will guide you to an open, truthful performance. The curriculum of the acting classes for beginners offer actors the opportunity to study a variety of techniques or to specialize in the Meisner method. Read about our class offerings for beginners below and click the links for more information.  Our acting classes for beginners are open registration, no audition required.

Beginning Technique for Actors

This class gives beginning actors the basic tools of technique. Group and individual work includes physical and vocal warm ups, relaxation/concentration exercises, improvisation and sensory work. Partner work emphasizes moment to moment truthfulness with the objective to prepare the actor for scene study.

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Beginning Meisner Technique

Meisner Technique for Actors focuses on putting together the fundamentals of a solid acting technique with a step-by-step approach to working on stage and screen. Open, honest listening and responding is taught through a series of structured Meisner exercises to develop the beginning actor’s instincts and imagination and help to unselfconsciously bring a script to life.

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Beginning Meisner/ Strasberg/ Hagen

Using Meisner, Hagen and Strasberg exercise along with with Peter Jensen’s own processes the beginning actor will learn to work instinctively and freely while building technique in order to feel what it’s like to bring a character and scene to life. This course is perfect for new actors who are eager to be introduced multiple techniques or experienced actors looking to work in the fundamentals of their craft.

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