Advanced Actor Training

Advanced actor training: keeping your craft in top condition

Advanced actor training at T. Schreiber serves the actor with continuing challenges to hone and refine their technique. These classes are perfect for working actors who want to stay at the height of their craft.  Join one of these on-going classes to keep your technique in peak condition.

On-Going Acting for Theatre and Film with Peter Jensen

This ongoing class will enhance your ability to work from a deeply personal and freely imaginative place, bringing spontaneity and risk, all in service of the text. Tools and exercises will be incorporated with scene work in order to develop the actor’s instrument (physical, emotional, intellectual) and build technique.

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On-Going Advanced Acting with Terry Schreiber

Under the guidance of our founding director and master teacher of fifty years, students will explore scenes with an emphasis on instinctive and personal connections as well as in-depth analysis of the text.

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