Acting Audition workshops to Image Intensives: classes for actors who want to work

From acting Audition Workshops to Casting seminars, The Industry and business classes offered at the Studio can get you on your A-game.  These classes are great for actors seeking to further define their castability and improve how their work is translating to directors and agents.

  • Take an Image Intensive and learn to confidently “be yourself” while gaining awareness of how others see you.
  • Participate in an acting Audition Workshop that will demystify the process of Auditioning.
  • Join us for an Industry Monday to meet with casting directors, agents, and directors through individualized sessions.

Sam Christensen Image Intensive

Sam Christensen
Image Intensive with Sam Christensen

When a casting director asks “tell me about yourself”, do you stumble to find the right words?  Do you know how to inspire a photographer to take the perfect headshot of you?  How about what to give the director when they ask for an ‘edge’ or encourage you to ‘take a risk’?  Do you often say to yourself, “good actor – so what is that getting me?”

As actors you are constantly asked to define yourself, but can you confidently “just be yourself?”

We provide the only proven method to assure your authenticity and translate it into a successful marketing strategy and signature performance.  No other class, workshop or program exists that offers a in-depth experience of how the world sees you and how to connect your unique identity to your hard-won skills and career plan.

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Reel Workshop with ReelArc

Work with the industry’s leading demo reel production company to create, develop, and shoot original material specifically for YOU. Your scene will be fully edited and ready for your reel.

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Industry Mondays – Casting

Throughout the year, the studio offers theatre, film and television professionals the opportunity to see our actors through individualized sessions. Actors meet with casting directors, directors, and agents who are currently submitting and casting. The objective of these workshops is to advance the actors’ potential to work in this highly competitive market. These classes are open to TSS actors who have had sufficient training to be auditioning in the business.

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Audition Workshop with Bob Verlaque

Get your A-game going to handle the audition season: The Good Wife; Blue Bloods; House of Cards; The Americans, and 15-plus shows–all casting locally.

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