Intermediate/Advanced Acting classes

Intermediate/Advanced Acting Classes: Refining your technique and staying on top of your craft

Intermediate/advanced acting classes are meant to refine and strengthen the technique of actors who have a solid grasp of theatrical or on-camera performance. These classes are great for the working actor who wants to stay at the height of their craft. An audition with the instructor is required for these classes. These classes serve actors by offering:

These on-going classes meet once a week and actors may re-enroll each month to continue developing their work.

On-Going Acting for Theater and Film with Peter Jensen

This ongoing class will enhance your ability to work from a deeply personal and freely imaginative place, bringing spontaneity and risk, all in service of the text. Tools and exercises will be incorporated with scene work in order to develop the actor’s instrument (physical, emotional, intellectual) and build technique.

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The demands of successfully interpreting Shakespeare’s characters and text are fully explored through body, voice and speech. The goal is to develop the actor’s skill to speak authentically, clearly and persuasively and craft a truthful and compelling performance.

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