Acting On-Camera

Acting On-Camera: Classes to master the art

Acting on-camera can be daunting, even for seasoned actors.  The on-camera classes in our curriculum are structured to lead you to your most truthful performance.  Learn to navigate movement for your filmed performance and trust the camera’s ability to capture your emotion and intention.  Whether you are just beginning your journey as a film and television actor or if you have list of featured credits, the acting on-camera classes at T. Schreiber can get your craft to it most refined level.

Beginner On Camera

The Beginner On-camera class teaches the foundation of acting technique for film and television.  This is a good class for actors who want to begin a career in front of the camera. The course focuses on training the actor to fulfill on-camera blocking and direction while incorporating truthful moment-to-moment involvement and spontaneity.

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On Camera Scene Study

In the On-Camera Scene Study class the focus is on keeping the words truthful and trusting the camera’s ability to read your mind and your emotions, resisting the temptation to exaggerate vocally and physically. We will explore using the script, your experience, and your imagination to create and inhabit the characters, and then when the camera is rolling—living “in the moment”, not pre-planning, but listening and reacting spontaneously.

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Scene Study and On Camera Technique with Peter Jensen

This ongoing class will enhance your ability to work from a deeply personal and freely imaginative place, bringing spontaneity and risk, all in service of the text. Tools and exercises will be incorporated with scene work in order to develop the actor’s instrument (physical, emotional, intellectual) and build technique.

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On Camera Master Class

The On-Camera Master Class is a class for actors who have already had extensive on-camera experience and/or extensive theatre experience with some on-camera work. It is limited to eight actors so that we have the time to explore in depth living in the moment, really listening and responding as if you had never heard or spoken these words before while remaining true to your character and meeting the technical demands of the medium.

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