On Camera Scene Study

On-Camera Scene Study: Exploring script, experience, and imagination

On Camera Scene Study for Intermediate/Advanced actors, explores all aspects of on-camera acting from the first audition to the final set up. Think of it as a gym – a place to stretch and strengthen your skills, to get playback and feedback, and to learn not only from your own work, but from the work of your fellow actors.
You will work on camera, with playback, five of the six weeks. The exception is week four in which we examine the rehearsal process, including what to do if you get no rehearsal (everyone works, but we don’t shoot).
The scenes we use come primarily from contemporary films and TV shows and are assigned by the teacher. We record your work on a computer and you can download to a flash drive for study at home.

The on-camera scene study class is limited to twelve actors so that everyone works every week and it is intended for actors who have had theatre experience, camera experience, or both. This class can also be taken after completing Beginning On-Camera.  On-Camera Scene Study is designed to be repeated, either at once or after a hiatus. Completion is not automatically linked to acceptance for the On-Camera Master Class.

This class meets once a week on Tuesdays for six weeks.

This is an intermediate level class and requires an interview with the instructor. LOGIN TO APPLY.

Upcoming Dates

Tue May 14 - Tue June 18
6:00pm - 10:30pm
Fee: $485/6 classes (plus $75 registration fee for new students)
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Instructor: Peter Miner

Peter Miner directed One Life to Live for 20 years, winning two Emmys and receiving eight Emmy nominations. He currently teaches film direction with an emphasis on working with actors at the Columbia University Graduate Film School. He has written and directed several short films, one an award winner, and has directed Off-Off Broadway and in regional theatre. A noted acting coach for several years, along with his wife Diane, Peter works with actors for auditions and performances (often engaged by shows or networks to work with actors already cast). Many of his students have gained success in theatre, film and television. For more information, see his IMDB page.

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