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Shake Off the Shakespeare Nerves

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It’s time to knock Shakespeare off the pedestal! 

Resident Shakespeare teacher Page Clements helps actors connect to Shakespearian monologues by deciphering the text, mastering the language, and relating it to the universal human condition. Shakespeare illuminates a whole new way to connect with your audience and some of the greatest characters ever written. These Shakespeare classes, from NYC-based acting studio T. Schreiber, are perfect for those interested in performing Shakespeare, as well as contemporary actors interested in strengthening their fluency with language.

Shakespeare is for you if you...

Are intimidated by all the “thous” and “wherefores.”
Can’t figure out what makes your Shakespearian characters tick.
Worry you’re missing the point when Romeo’s bestie starts talking about that fairy queen.


After this course, you will…

Have the tools to speak Shakespearian like it was originally intended -- easily and for the everyday person.
Know how to connect the struggles of the characters from Elizabethan England to the problems of today.
Be able to use voice, relationship, and intention to unlock fine writing.


Shakespeare Monologues

Explore the depth and challenges of Shakespeare's unique characters and prepare to bring yourself to the performance of an iconic roe.

This class offers a step by step process of exploring a Shakespearean monologue. You will learn about Shakespeare and why he wrote the way he did. Study the art of scansion and learn to break the text down into manageable sections. The class meets once a week for six weeks. Open to all levels – a strong work ethic and a great desire to explore is required. The goals of this course are to:

  • Build confidence in using the full range of your vocal and physical expression
  • Tackle challenging writing with a focus on text analysis and storytelling
  • Learn how to apply the work classical pieces demand to contemporary texts

Scene Study Class

This course delves deeply into the demands of successfully interpreting Shakespeare’s characters and text through body, voice, and speech, and imparts techniques that will help actors make Shakespeare’s works accessible for all audiences.

Shakespeare Scene Study meets once a week for six weeks and requires completion of Shakespeare Monologues or equivalent.

Students will work on scenes in pairs, receiving in-depth constructive critiques from the teacher. The goals are to:

  • Mine the texts for hidden meanings, text clarity, and rhythm
  • Explore the full range of physical and vocal expression
  • Further unlock the text with advanced exercises to enhance the actor’s emotional life and imagination
  • Connect with and fully develop the characters to truthfully share Shakespeare’s stories
  • Prepare to skillfully use Shakespeare in both audition rooms/Zooms and full productions

Shakespeare / Classical Monologues or Shakespeare Scene Study

Instructor: Page Clements

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  • Shakespeare / Classical Monologues is an open level class and no audition is required. You can apply online. 
  • Shakespeare Scene Study is an intermediate/advanced level class. You can apply online. An audition is required.
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Upcoming Dates

Tue July 9 - Tue August 13
6:30pm - 10:30pm
SHAKESPEARE SCENE STUDY. Meets IN PERSON once a week on Tuesdays.
Fee: $355/6 classes (plus $75 registration fee for new students)
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Page Clements is a Reader’s Choice Winner in Backstage for her work as a vocal and dialect coach. She is on staff at T. Schreiber Studio, where she teaches Shakespeare, Dialects, Accent Reduction, and Vocal Production. Page has been an adjunct vocal instructor at the Larry Singer Studios, Lycoming College, and Marywood University, as well as a private coach for actors and public speakers.  As an actress, she has performed in over 60 productions in the New York City area, including shows at the Roundabout Theatre Co., the NY Shakespeare Exchange, the Metropolitan Playhouse, and the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble. She has been the vocal/dialect coach for many productions, including Ted Greenberg’s one-man show, Ace, in its 5-week Off-Broadway run. 

“I love this course and have learned so much from Page about Shakespeare and Classical Text but also about monologue technique. This class has been invaluable to me.”
“Never thought I would be able to decipher let alone enjoy Shakespeare. And Restoration Comedy was not something I knew anything about. Both are essential to me now!!!”
“Page is a pro. She delivers amazing feedback and can harness your talents with a critical lens while still being encouraging and offering constructive actionable feedback.”