Reel Workshop: Professional Reel Scenes

Create Your Own Personalized, Cinematic Acting Demo Reel

Does your acting demo reel need help? If you’re an aspiring or working actor, a professional demo reel is a must in order to showcase your best work and catch the attention of casting directors, agents and managers. The actor’s demo reel is now one of the most important parts of professional casting submissions, sometimes even taking precedent over headshots or resumes. We’re here to help!

We’re partnered with REELARCthe industry’s leading demo reel production company, to offer custom acting reels as part of select program offerings. This service, crafted exclusively for us at T. Schreiber Studio, brings the first cinematic quality customized reel experience to our actors at an affordable rate. While other personalized reel services can cost $1000 or more, you can save by enrolling in one of the following programs where the REELARC service is included:

While working with REELARC, you’ll create, develop, and shoot original material that is written specifically for YOU and performed on-camera with a partner. Our professional screenwriter will create a customized script for you based on a character that will highlight your skills and abilities as an actor. You’ll then receive coaching not only on the script, but how to perform best on camera. Finally, we will schedule your shoot date at a secured location, complete with 4K production, professional sound and lighting. Your scene will be fully edited and you will have a professional, cinematic 60-90 second scene for inclusion in your reel.


“REELARC puts the actor who is trying to get his foot in the door at the level of the actor who is recurring on television. The quality that REELARC produces is totally unmatched.”
— Ally B. (casting agent)

“People keep asking me, ‘What is that from?’ They think the scene is from some longer fancy independent film project… and I don’t really have the heart to tell them that it’s not!”
— Olivia K.

“Shortly after shooting with REELARC I submitted my footage to a few agencies who began calling me in for meetings and now I am fully represented across the board.”
— Alexander M.

See some demo reels created by students in our programs:


Founded by Guy Chachkes and Steven C. Schmidt in 2014, REELARC is a production company geared towards producing cinematic quality scenes for actors in the Tri-state area. Producing hundreds of scenes in their first year in business established them as the leading gold standard in this booming industry.