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Audition Mindset: Mind Lab Online

As an actor, before you can achieve what your training has prepared you for,
you often need to adjust your mindset.

Instructor: Bill Coelius

Dates TBA

Do auditions make you nervous? You’re not alone. But because auditioning is an essential part of your acting career, you owe it to yourself to get comfortable with the process. And especially now that our lives have moved online, the way we audition has fundamentally changed. Do you know what to expect in the audition (Zoom) room?

Audition Mindset: Mind Lab will arm you with the audition tips you need to help you explore and unpack some of the fears, hang-ups, and negative thinking you may have about the audition process that may be getting in the way of your ability to book acting jobs, both in person and online. No matter what your level of training, all acting technique is filtered through the actor’s mind. Changing your mindset will change your results!

Bill Coelius has helped countless actors root out negative thinking and replace it with their own new personal narrative, freeing them to be actors that audition with unlimited courage, risk, and joy.

“After applying your tools, guess what?  In under 3 minutes I was relaxed, focused and totally present for taping…it was an awesome tape.  Your class should be taken by every actor.” Jenny M.

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Dates TBA

Instructor: Bill Coelius

Bill Coelius, Commercial Acting Instructor at T. Schreiber Studio

Bill Coelius is a working actor for over 15 years and counting. Bill has booked over 50 national commercials, worked with Ang Lee, and has appeared on many TV shows including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Criminal Minds, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Office, Desperate Housewives and many others, including American Horror Story: Hotel, where his throat was slashed by Lady Gaga, a career highlight so far

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