Audition Mindset

Actor mindset

How to be a Fearless Actor

Remove Negative Thinking

Audition with Unlimited Courage, Risk, & Joy

Bring Your Passion into Your Work


Do you get nervous on-set or in an audition?
 You’re not alone.
Every actor gets nervous, sometimes cripplingly so. While breezily dismissed as "stage fright," or "butterflies," attacks on our nervous system have long-standing, systemic ramifications to our ability to perform freely in front of the camera or an audience. It can impede creativity, destroy confidence and set you on a path of early-career burnout.

No matter your level of training, your technique is filtered through your mind. This class begins a deep dive by scientifically identifying what is happening to your body & mind during these anxious moments. Learn cutting-edge neuroscience-based techniques to help quell, control, and release these attacks on your body and thinking. 

Taught by working actor Actor Bill Coelius who suffered from debilitating performance anxiety, while booking roles on shows from The Office to Criminal Minds, as well as booking over 50 national commercials.

Actor Mindset is for you if you...

Crave practical tips to reduce your performance anxiety.
Find yourself feeling the nerves as soon as you get a big audition!
Never lost that audition anxiety, no matter how many jobs you’ve booked.
Are a new actor, more worried about the audition than your technique.


After this course, you will…

Have tools that embrace the parasympathetic system, regulate breathing, and visualization exercises 
Root out negative thinking and replace it with your own new personal narrative.
Have the confidence to reshape your relationship with auditions.
Find joy in your auditions.

Actor Mindset: Are you ready to free yourself so that you can audition with unlimited courage, risk, and joy?

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Actor Mindset

Instructor: Bill Coelius

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"I BOOKED three new spots because of this class!"
— Kevin G.
"Bill's classes were excellent - full of so much practical information and actionable recommendations! I learned a ton! Thank you!"
— Liz G.
"It was my first step in my acting career after deciding to pursue it and boy did I make the right choice!"
— Stephanie C.

Bill Coelius is a working actor for over 15 years and counting. Bill has booked over 50 national commercials, worked with Ang Lee, and has appeared on many TV shows including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Criminal Minds, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Office, Desperate Housewives and many others, including American Horror Story: Hotel, where his throat was slashed by Lady Gaga, a career highlight so far