He told me to take a Meisner class and I laughed

From On-Stage to On-Camera with Meisner

Robert laughed at someone suggesting he took a Meisner class, beyond dreading the idea of repetition he just finished university and was ready to start his career. We all know he has come a long way since then.

Watch our first episode of TS Talks as Robert & Megan laugh through their experience with Meisner and how spending so much time in front of the camera allows you to work more off of the intricate facial expressions of your partner.

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Robert on his experience with Meisner

When I graduated uh, uh, the president of the school said, you know, “You should take a Meisner class,” and I was like, ” you know, I, no, no. No, I’m okay.” And so I went out and I was working as an actor for about 10 years before I took a Meisner class and, and I struggled.

It was all intellectual. It was a lot about writing, you know, biographies and doing a lot of research and ideas and it was all very monitored and certainly not spontaneous. I mean, I was one of those actors if anything went wrong in the performance, I was gone. If somebody was in a different position or the glass wasn’t there or something, it would completely throw me off and I’d get totally self-conscious, I’d forget my lines and once I started working with the Meisner stuff, it allowed me, once I got past this brain, to deal instinctively and spontaneously at the moment, in the event something spontaneous did happen because that’s what it’s training you to do.

And it’s about working off the moment as it exists, not the way we want it to happen, not the way we want the other actor to say their lines or do their performance. We work off the way it is and once you learn that you can do that and survive, suddenly you have a lot more confidence, you have a much better sense of being able to take care of yourself on stage and, and there’s a sense of freedom that I found in Meisner that I hadn’t had before. Before, I was dreading going out for a performance. Now, I can’t wait to get out there ’cause you, you never know what’s gonna happen, it’s an exciting way of working and I can’t see any other way of doing it.