The T. Schreiber Theatre



Alpha66 by Robby Ramos, directed by Jake Turner.

Cuba, October, 1961. Papo, a warrior of Castro's Revolución has just been assigned to a new station: a rural penitentiary in Cuba's Isla de Pinos (Isle of Pines.) His first task? To elicit the confession of a graffiti artist named Rafa; a member of the anti-revolutionary group known as Alpha66...and Papo's younger brother. Also being held captive at the penitentiary is Ava, Papo and Rafa's younger sister who is being interrogated by La Madre de la Revolución about an anti-communist poem she wrote for her high school literature class. Papo is forced to confront his loyalty to his commanding officer Madre, and the Revolución to which he has dedicated his life. He struggles with the realization that the ideals to which he has dedicated his life may not serve the best interests of his own family. Alpha66 explores themes of family, loyalty, and political ideology.