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  • How do I sign up for a class?
    We update our classes ongoingly. You can register for any current class here. You will be instructed to first create an account and pay a one-time registration fee.
  • Do I have to pay the registration fee?
    Yes, everyone must pay the registration fee of $75. It is a one-time-only fee.
  • Are all classes online?
    We offer a mix of in-person & online classes to serve our  community.
  • Can I audit a class?
    Our philosophy is that outside observers interfere with the creation of a safe and thriving classroom environment. Our classes are not available to audit, but we are committed to helping you find the right classes for you.
  • I live outside the United States. Can I come study at T. Schreiber?
    We welcome international students! We offer the M1 visa for our in-person one-year conservatory only. A visa is not offered for online classes.
  • The classroom environment isn’t really the right fit for me. Can I work privately?
    While we believe that most people can benefit from a classroom setting, our master teachers also provide private coaching.
  • I’m new to acting, which class should I take first?
    We’re so happy you asked. Our flow chart below can help!
  • Should I take a class or work with an acting coach?
    The choice is up to you. However, we do encourage new students to start by taking a class. This allows you to begin the work on your craft without it getting too expensive. However, one might need private coaching for several reasons. Learn more about private coaching here, and decide if it’s the right choice for you.
  • I’m a current or former student and I just booked a role. What should I do?
    Congratulations! We knew you could do it. We love to celebrate our talented student body. Email and tag @TSStudio on Instagram.
  • I’m locked out of my account!
    Can’t login? Email to reset your password.
  • Something happened and I’m going to miss class!
    Please remember that your absence has an impact on the experience of the class. That said, we understand that emergencies happen. Please contact your instructor & scene partner as soon as possible or email us at to let us know.
  • I signed up for a class that I can no longer take.
    Our classes are non-refundable. Read our studio policy here.
  • Are you doing shows right now during Covid?
    No, in accordance with NYC Health & Safety, our theatre will return after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your love & support, see you in the theatre soon.
  • How do I purchase a ticket to one of your shows?
    See our production page for more information.
  • I’m a playwright. Will you produce my show?
    We do accept play submissions for Schreiber Shorts and the New Works Initiative. There is no guarantee that your submission will be produced. Please visit our Submissions page for more information.
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