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Romeo & Juliet
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For over fifty years the T. Schreiber Studio for Theatre & Film has been bringing together actors and audiences.  We nurture new voices in theatre and provide
performance opportunities for actors, directors, and playwrights.


We’re Back and We’re on THEATRE ROW!


June 8 through June 11, 2023
Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street


Join us as we welcome back LIVE THEATRE on Theatre Row with our 7th annual 10-minute short play festival. 17 actors, 7 playwrights, 5 directors. 5 PERFORMANCES ONLY.

Albert Wants a Shirt by Tiffa Foster
A romance character takes his author to go see a therapist in hopes that she’ll let him wear a shirt every once in awhile.

  Directed by Todd Peters starring Sergio Acevedo, Elizabeth Reed, Lexy Stork

What Love Must Be by Franky Gonzalez
A man and woman eating dinner confront each other about an affair the other must be having but as time passes; the truth becomes increasingly more vague.

Directed by Todd Peters starring Emilly Bènami, Logan Slater

Julie-Esque by Ashley Lauren Rogers
A young trans college student is having trouble portraying “the role of most young women’s dreams,” Juliet, and is being coached by her older co-star.

Directed by Gillian Riley Nogeire starring Steven Lamont, Tommie Q Dinh

She Came Back by William Robert Carey
On a rainy night, a mother awakens to a knock at the door and discovers her missing teenage daughter has returned, something isn’t quite right about this homecoming.

Directed by Peter Jensen starring Jill Bianchi, Laura Paganello

Who the Hell is Mirabel? by Jeanette Cronin
A woman wakes up with an empty head and searches the room for her missing mind.

Directed by Peter Jensen starring Jeanette Cronin

Choices by James McLindon
In this comedy, a  debtor burdened by crushing student loans is offered a way out … but is the deal too good to be true?

Directed by Jake Turner starring Godfrey Moye, Brian Dole

Wait, What?  by Tiffa Foster
A young woman takes an intense interest in a middle-aged man while in a waiting room of an STD clinic.

Directed by Maisa Chiang starring Flannery Bogost, Jonathan Desley, Melissa Fleming

Dream Talk by Emma Goldman-Sherman
We all need love. We all need to be seen. The talk the playwright needed.

Directed by Peter Jensen starring Flo Maier, Amy Lynn Yoon Sheehan


Theatre News

A WORKSHOP PRODUCTION OF THE WINNER OF OUR 2017-2018 NEW WORKS INITIATIVE: Join us for a FREE workshop production at T. Schreiber! What Happened That Night, written by Lia Romero, directed by Crystal Edn Synopsis: Jenna and Kate are best...

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