Voice & Speech

Let your voice be heard: Voice & Speech classes

Voice Speech classes cover a wide range of issues for actors; from breath control to learning an accent. Our Voice and speech classes include courses that are focused on:

  • reducing accents for non-native speakers to become more understandable in on set and on stage.
  • strengthening breath control and support
  • releasing tension to relax into performance
  • vocal tone and resonance
  • the value of language
  • learning specific accents or dialects for performance

The Voice Speech classes are open level.  Register online or call our office at 212-741-0209 to secure your place.

Accent Reduction

The goal of this course is to help the non-native English speaker become more understandable working in film or theatre. The text, Speak With Distinction, by Edith Skinner, will be used to learn The International Phonetic Alphabet and correctly place the sounds of American English. Additionally, the class will explore stress and intonation patterns. Individual recordings will be made and analyzed. If you have a desire to reduce your accent and learn all the tools to help strengthen your ear and clear up articulation challenges, this is the class for you! Space is limited. Open to all levels. No audition required.

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Vocal Production

This on-going class with Page Clements introduces the actor to a range of physical exercises to strengthen breath control and support and relax the throat and upper body. The focus is to develop a stronger vocal tone, resonation, release of useless tension, and value of language.

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Dialect with Page Clements

Each 5 week session focuses on one specific dialect or accent. Examples are: Standard British (RP), Cockney, Irish (Belfast & Dublin), Scottish, Australian, American Southern (two distinct states). A phonetic approach is used to strengthen the ear and provide the actor with the tools necessary to approach future work independent of the classroom. Open to all levels. No audition required.

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Page Clements is an actress and private coach in New York City. She received her BFA in acting from Wesleyan College in Georgia, where she also received the Wesleyan Woman of the Year award her graduation year. She furthered her training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts / New York, receiving the Lawrence Langner Award and the Charles Jehlinger Award for speech and acting respectively. She was invited to attend a third year in the Repertory Company, receiving the school’s first Neil Simon Foundation Scholarship.

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