What Is Meisner Technique?

Create Intimate Moments On-Screen & On-Stage

Stop Performative Listening & Start Actively Listening

Embody Truthful Human Behavior

Learn the Technique Required for Film & TV

“Don't be an actor. Be a human being who works off what exists under imaginary circumstances.”

Sanford Meisner

Modern audiences are accustomed to eavesdropping on the lives of the characters they see on screen. Meisner is more than just acting -- it’s about truthful human behavior under imaginary circumstances. Are you ready to create eavesdrop-worthy scenes?

Sanford Meisner cultivated one of the best-known approaches to acting. Meisner Technique is a collective series of training exercises, each building on the last.  Actors work to:

  • Focus on their partners instead of themselves, letting go of self-consciousness. 
  • Be attuned to what is happening in the here and now.
  • Improvise freely as the character existing in this moment.
  • Bring the spontaneity of your instinctive personal response to the text.

You can study with T. Schreiber Studio in-person or online from anywhere in the world.

A Meisner Class is for you if you...

Want to ground your acting practice.
Don’t understand how they make it feel so real on-screen.
Have trouble getting out of your own head.


After this course, you will…

Trust yourself and your impulses.
Unselfconsciously bring a script to life.
Allow moment-to-moment truthful behavior.


“Find in yourself those human things which are universal.”

Sanford Meisner

Meisner Technique Classes