Scene Study Classes

Why Take Scene Study?

Take Your Skills from Theoretical to Concrete

Apply Your Foundational Learning

Try Things Out, Make Mistakes, Do It Again

Practice Between Gigs

"Acting is an art ephemeral as sculpting in snow. Just when an actor thinks he knows it, he starts a new play, movie, or television show, and the process starts all over."

Terry Schreiber

Why take scene study? Have you mastered the foundations and are ready to give your technique a try on-stage or on-camera? Are you experienced but going through a lull between acting jobs? A Scene Study course allows you to further explore and deepen your technique through emotional preparation, character work, and partner work. Additionally, it keeps you limber between roles. Scene Study is the fitness routine of your craft -- are you staying in shape?

A Scene Study class is for you if you...

Want to give that foundational training a whirl.
Desire to go beyond the obvious when it comes to your choices.
Worry your skills are getting rusty.


After one of these classes, you will…

Know what it feels like to connect effortlessly to a scene partner.
Discover the core of scenes and build your character off of that.
Feel ready to jump back into work, limber as a gymnast.


Scene Study Classes