Intermediate/Advanced Acting classes

Intermediate & Advanced Acting Classes

Refine your technique & stay on top of your craft

Acting Technique

Industry Know-How

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Intermediate/Advanced Acting Classes Are Ideal
For Working Actors Who Want To Continue Developing Their Craft And Keep Their Skills Sharp

Now is the perfect opportunity to study with the best teachers in NYC in-person or online from anywhere in the world. Intended for actors who have previous experience & training; An audition with the instructor is required.  

T. Schreiber Studio has been developing professional actors in theatre, television, and film for over 50 years. It is considered one of the top acting schools in the country, with master teachers like Peter JensenBetty Buckley, and of course, the Studio’s founder Terry Schreiber.

*You can study with T. Schreiber Studio in-person or online from anywhere in the world.

Intermediate/advanced acting classes are right for you if you…

 Are an experienced actor looking to polish your technique

 Find yourself up against a career roadblock and need some support

 Have hit a peak and need a new challenge

 Are seeking personalized feedback to focus your work


Taking these courses will…

 Arm you with a strategy for advancing your craft

 Help you audition at the top of your game

 Give you a supportive, thriving community of working actors

Intermediate Advanced Acting Classes