We’re Back and on Theatre Row 42nd street!


Tuesday, April 11 from 6:30-10:30 pm
Wednesday, April 12 from 1:30-5:30pm
Friday, April 14 from 10:00am-5:30pm
151 W. 26th Street, 10th Floor
Rehearsal Schedule in May TBD


 June 6 through June 11, 2023
Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street

Read the following instructions carefully before making your audition appointment.
Please prepare ONE set of sides of your choice. Scroll down for character descriptions.
Sides and full scripts (if available) are in the Google Folder HERE

Roles, unless stipulated, are open to all ethnicities, race and genders.
BIPOC and TGNC actors strongly encouraged to audition.

To schedule your appointment, click the link HERE. –
All actors must upload proof of vaccination.

Please remember to bring a copy of your headshot and resume to your audition.

 Contact with any questions.


WAIT, WHAT? by Tiffa Foster
Directed by Maisa Chang

Liz – Young adult female, 15 – 20, fiercely intelligent, direct, and chatty
Jay – Mid-to-late 30’s, intelligent, kind, reserved, and mildly conservative
Sabine – Mid-40’s female, also intelligent and mildly conservative

CHOICES by James McLindon
Directed by Jake Turner

Prospective Client – Mid-20s to 30’s Male
Debt Counselor  – Mid-20s to 40s, Any Gender 

JULIE-ESQUE by Ashley Lauren Rogers
Directed by Gillian Riley Nogeire 

Julie – Trans Woman, Any race, Late teens-Mid twenties. Hard working, sometimes lacking in focus, but very social justice oriented.
Laurence – Black Man, 30-50.  Is going back to college to finally finish their degree after a long time away from school.

Directed by Todd Peters

Albert – 25-35 – Hero of a series of Romance Novels, good-looking with a six-pack. Desperate to break out of stereotypical restraints. Innocent, and soft-hearted, yet he can be manipulative and immature.
Nancy – 35- 55 – Successful and famous author of these novels. Dedicated to her work, lives through her characters. At heart, an ordinary, unremarkable woman with a derivative imagination, trying willfully to keep control of Albert.
Geraldine – 35-55 –  Kooky couples’ therapist; more guru than psychologist.  Sexually frustrated; superficial, but impressed with herself. 

WHAT LOVE MUST BE by Franky Gonzalez
Directed by Todd Peters

Man – 25-40 – Professional. At a loss to understand his wife’s affair and broken by it. Terse; matter-of-fact, tends to want to control. Uses role-paying to cope.
Woman – 25-35 – A working mother with children. Warm, heartbroken about her husband’s affair, needs affirmation.  Utilizes role-playing to find connection. 

ESCAPE FROM MOSCOW by Barbara Miller
Directed by Peter Jensen

CHRISTINE – American woman. 50–60-year-old mother of college student. Worried about disturbing symptoms. Very polite but timid and uneasy about traveling outside the United States for the first time. Quick to judge when anxious.
SVETLANA KASHPAR – Russian woman. Late 30s–50-year-old physician. Voluptuous, heavily made-up, and reluctant to relinquish her youth. Direct and plain-spoken manner but a good listener. Must speak with authentic Russian accent.

DREAM TALK by Emma Goldman-Sherman
Directed by Peter Jensen

MOM/NOREEN – late 20’s to late 40’s.  An actor named Noreen (in the play within the play) plays the Mom role. She also plays herself, Noreen.
DAD/DAMIEN – late 20’s to late 40’s.  An actor named Damien (in the play within the play) plays the role of the Dad (the Dad should read as a gay man playing straight). However, later in the play we find out the actor Damien is straight.


To schedule your appointment, click the link HERE

All actors must upload proof of vaccination.

Sides and full scripts (if available) are in the Google Folder HERE

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