directed by Jake Turner

  • Auditions are open to all TSS actors, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, height, weight or age.

  • You may only audition for one role. If you wish to audition for more than one role, pick your favorite to do at auditions, and indicate your other choices on the audition sheet. You do NOT need to audition for them separately.

  • Sign-up sheets are posted on the audition board at the Studio.

  • You must sign up in person. DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION.

  • Please be certain you can make the audition date before you sign-up, AND IF NECESSARY, please cancel well in advance.

  • Readers are needed for the auditions, but please note that readers are not allowed to audition.

From the director:

I need your full commitment to the rehearsal schedule (as confirmed based on conflicts given upon casting), all technical rehearsals (Oct. 10, 11, 12, & 14), and performances (the run of the show: Oct. 15 – Nov. 23). Not all characters will be needed for every rehearsal.


Please consider your personal schedules carefully.

All characters require Western Irish accents unless otherwise indicated. Our dialect expert, Page Clements, recommends the International Dialects of English Archive: CLICK HERE to join Page’s IRISH DIALECT class starting July 17, 2014.


JULY 15, 16, 17 – 10:00am – 5:00pm in the 7th Floor Camera Studio


JULY 20 – 10:00am – 5:00pm in the Theatre


GARETH O’DONNELL Played by Two Actors

Character Overview:

Gar is a twenty-five year old man from the fictional town of Ballybeg, Donegal. He is a very conflicted character. On one hand, he feels anger and resentment for the small town he was raised in, and for the people in it. He sees emigration as the key to escaping the life he sees ahead of him. On the other hand, Gar has a deep affection for many of the people in his life, and admits that he doesn’t really want to go away. Gar is portrayed by two actors onstage. One actor represents the Gar that everybody knows, the outer Gar.

PUBLIC (GAR – labeled as simply “PUBLIC” in the script)

A quiet, seemingly unimaginative person, who doesn’t have much to say. The tragedy of Gar’s character is that he is publicly unwilling to be the person he privately wishes he was. He is unwilling and unable to communicate with others, and this gets in the way of his dreams.

[Another actor plays a different version of Gar. This actor represents the Gar that nobody knows, the inner Gar]

PRIVATE (GAR – labeled as simply “PRIVATE” in the script)

Loud, boastful, imaginative and excitable. Private Gar represents the inner workings of Gar’s mind. He is the voice of Gar’s desires and his imagination.

S. B. O’DONNELL – Gar’s taciturn father. 50 or 60s, SB is locked in his own silent world, speaking only occasionally and with predictable repetition. SB is a mysterious character. Gar thinks that SB does not care about him, since he has never heard his father say anything nice to him. SB is very much like Gar in a lot of ways. SB, like his son is also quiet and unemotional in public. Just like the public version of Gar, SB seems very withdrawn and prone to being quiet. It is implied that, like Gar, SB also has a deep and emotional side, which he has trouble showing in public.

MADGE MULHERN – 50’s or 60’s, Housekeeper in the O’Donnell household….Walks as if her feet were precious. She is the emotional centerpiece of the play. She is a mother-like figure to Gar. She treats Gar with kindness and care, and looks after him like nobody else in the play. As much as she is a mother to Gar, she is the main woman in SB O’Donnell’s life as well. She acts as an emotional bridge between the two characters, showing both of them that the other has feelings, even if they won’t admit to them in public. Gar and SB both relate to each other through Madge.

KATIE DOOGAN – 20′s. Daughter of the local Senator Doogan. Both she and Gar had a relationship when they were younger. Her father, Senator Doogan did not consider Gar’s social connections appropriate for his daughter and her marriage to the local doctor was arranged.

SENATOR DOOGAN – 40′s. Katie’s Father. Formal and proper. Very much the politician.

MASTER BOYLE – Could be 40’s, 50’s even 60’s. ‘He is handsome, defiant… His eyes, head, hands, arms are constantly moving… His eyes roam around the room but see nothing.’ Gar’s former teacher.

LIZZIE SWEENEY – In the 50 to 60 region… Irish-American… She is an energetic woman, heavily made-up, impulsive… Garrulous… She has the habit of putting her arm around, or catching the elbow of, the person she is addressing.’ Con’s wife and Gar’s aunt.

CON SWEENEY – Lizzie’s husband, Gar’s uncle. Quiet and patient man…Possibly younger than Lizzie.

BEN BURTON – 50’s to 60’s region. NO IRISH ACCENT NEEDED. Sweeneys’ American friend, doesn’t say much, content to sit and let Lizzie do the talking.

NED – Mid 20′s. The leader of the group of friends and rival to Gar for The Boys’ attention.

TOM – Mid 20’s. Ned’s ‘feed-man, subserviently watching for every cue’.

JOE – Mid 20’s. The youngest of the trio, and not yet fully committed to the boys’ way of life, is torn between fealty to Ned and Tom and a spontaneous and simple loneliness over Gar’s departure… His loyalty is divided. He is patently gauche, innocent and obvious.

CANON MICK O’BYRNE – 50′s to 60′s region. Lean, kindly, alert.



directed by Jake Turner

NOTE: We will be using the Samuel French edition of the play which is available at The Drama Bookshop – 250 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018; Phone: 212 944-0595;

Email:; Website:

We will have a few copies for 24-hour checkout in the office later this afternoon for those who want to get started tonight.

Gareth (Gar) O’Donnell

Gar #1

Public: Act 1, scene 1 p.7 thru p.9, top. End on Gar Public’s line, “Philadelphia here I come, rightah, backah were Ah started from….”

Gar #2

Private: P.13 Top thru to middle of p.14, “Yeah, you mentioned that your father was a businessman.”

Gar #3

Private: P. 18, “By God that was the night boy….” to end of speech.

Madge Mulhern

Madge #1

P.11 top, begin on Madge’s first line, “Oh! You put the heart across me there!” thru to her exit at the bottom of the page.

Madge #2

P.25, Very bottom. (Madge enters bedroom), ‘Gee, Mary and Jay!…..” thru to bottom of p. 26 when madge exits.

Madge #3

P.69, bottom. Begin on Madge’s line, “Have you begun already?” to top p.71 (She goes off)

S. B. O’Donnell

Begin p.77, bottom, Publics line, “Better get these pills and then try to get a couple hours sleep….” Thru to top of p. 80, Madge’s entrance.

Katie Doogan

p. 18, begin on Kate’s line, “But three pounds, fifteen shillings….” End p. 20, towards bottom, Kate’s line, “Gar!” (She kisses him passionately……..)

Senator Doogan

Begin p.21 middle of page. Doogan says, “Hello Gareth. You’re a stranger….) thru to end of scene on p.23

Master Boyle

Begin on his entrance, p. 31 thru to bottom of p. 33, “but you’ll be gone by then….”

Lizzie Sweeney

Begin p.41, beginning of the scene thru to bottom p. 42, Lizzie says, “So don’t let nobody say nothing against Ben Burton.”

Con Sweeney & Ben Burton

Begin p. 45, top of page on Public’s line, “You were about to tell us what Agnes whispered to you….” thru to end of scene.

Ned, Tom, & Joe

Begin p.52 on Public’s line, “Well, boys, when you’re lining out on the pitch…” to p.55 middle of page, (Anothersilence descends….)


Begin p.58, bottom of page. Public says, “what the hell are you waiting for?” thru to bottom of p.59, Joe’s exit.

Canon Mick O’Byrne

Begin P.67 on Canon’s entrance bottom of page thru to p.69, Madge’s entrance.