Five Day Song Interpretation/Monologue Workshop

 Five Day Song Interpretation/Monologue Workshop with

Betty Buckley

“Betty Buckley is awesome, the most astonishing teacher and life force.  A phenomenal coach, she has instant and unerring insight into exactly what your issue is that is blocking you.   An honor to work with.  She changed my life.” –Linda B.

Currently co-starring with James McAvoy in the new M. Night Shyamalan hit film Split, Tony Award Winner Theatre Hall of Fame 2012 honoree and legendary Broadway star Betty Buckley will be offering a 5 day Song Interpretation & Monologue Intensive Workshop  March 12-16, 2017. She will assist aspiring artists, educators and experienced performers in the craft of singing, acting and storytelling.

Of her work in Split: “..the stellar Buckley brings such warmth and conviction to the role that she allows us to see Kevin as a human being and not just a construct for tricked-up suspense.”

Of her recent performance in Grey Gardens: “Betty Buckley holds the audience in the palm of her hand every moment she’s onstage.” 

“the potent emotional undertow of this production… has everything to do with the formidable Betty Buckley, whose determinedly cheerful, thoroughly heart-bruising Edith will win you over, pull you under and cast you out to sea.”

 Here’s an opportunity to work with one of the great artists of our time! “— Terry Schreiber

Ms. Buckley shares her expertise and guides her students through a methodology that facilitates audience connection through songs and monologues. Her emotional connection to songs and audiences is renowned, and that very connection is at the heart of what Ms. Buckley imparts to her students.

A teacher for over 40 years, Ms. Buckley’s workshop is a must for people who want to perfect their ability to effectively communicate in their performance, their work and their relationships. The class also welcomes observers who participate in all aspects of the class except the individual coaching by Ms. Buckley.

There are two ways to take the class – as a Full Participant or as a Group Participant/Observer. Full participants will work on EITHER a song or monologue throughout the workshop:

TIMES: 6:30-10:30pm
DATES: Sun-Mar 12; Tues-Mar 14; Wed-Mar 15;
Thurs-Mar 16 & Fri-Mar 17
FEE: $875

As a Full Participant, the first class includes an introduction to the unique tools she uses, her philosophy and meditation techniques. Each subsequent class begins with the meditation technique and moves on to individual work. An accompanist is provided for singers.  (by interview/audition only)

FEE: $500

Participation as an Observer is for those who are not experienced  actors or singers or cannot commit  to the demands of fully participating in the workshop. You will participate in all group meditation & exercises and observe individual work. (By interview only)


To apply with your picture and resume or for more information please email Please put “Betty Buckley Workshop” in the subject line.

All students are required to read and agree to the Studio Policies.