Banner for the 2019 Schreiber Shorts festival with the theme Transparency. Aquamarine by Bixby Elliot Egg in Spoon by Rachael Carnes Gershwin’s Last Ride by Ryan Stevens It’s Not About the Van by Patti Veconi Look at You. Then, Look at Me. By Mischa Peliades The Ark by Rae Binstock True to You by Nicky Denovan

Schreiber Shorts Cast Announced

The 2019 Schreiber Shorts will run from October 22nd through October 26th at the Robert Moss Theater

7 Performances: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 8:00pm
Saturday at 7:00pm / Thursday & Saturday matinees at 2:00pm

AQUAMARINE, by Bixby Elliot
Directed by Rui Dun

A gender-bending comedy about birds, romantic suitors, and a Victorian-era female serial killer.

Kevin Maleike as MARY ANN COTTON

EGG IN SPOON, by Rachael Carnes
Directed by Jake Turner

Interweaving voices spanning four generations exploring what happens when women’s access to reproductive healthcare is irrevocably eroded. Are we there now? Kinda feels like it.

Anna Sophia Sirieix as SOPHIE
Karen M. Hoffman* as JANET
Ruth Weber* as LEAH
Mary Anisi* as ELEANOR

Directed by Gregg Pica

Gershwin, a prize-winning bull, and AJ Hawkins, a hot-to-trot bull rider who fancies himself to be the future, square off in the most important eight seconds of both creatures’ lives.

Alia Guidry as TUCKY
Robert Spiker as GERSHWIN
Ben Sumrall* as AJ HAWKINS

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE VAN, by Patti Veconi
Directed by Megan Grace Martinez

As the result of a divorce, Amy is forced to sell her high-rise apartment. Mack, the man she hired to paint her soon-to-be-ex living room, seems determined to avoid his job. With his help, Amy discovers that her apartment isn’t the only thing that needs work.

Elea Easton as AMY
Patrick Hamilton as MACK

LOOK AT YOU. THEN, LOOK AT ME. by Mischa Peliades
Directed by Peter Jensen

A writer becomes obsessed with a traumatic event from her life and reenacts the moment in her head over and over, trying to find its meaning, as her own masochistic insecurity begins transforming the memory into a prison.

Nicholas Gorham as MISCHA
Adam Dulin-Tavares as CHET
Megan Wells as BECKY
Bijou Seviroli as TINA

THE ARK, by Rae Binstock
Directed by Peter Jensen

Jeong-Suk always says what she’s thinking. She doesn’t know how not to. When God speaks to her, telling her to build a new ark for the coming of a second flood, she isn’t surprised. And of course she tells us why.

Soojeong Son as JEONG-SUK

TRUE TO YOU, by Nicky Denovan
Directed by Page Clements

Richard and Jane are seeking a powerful love connection. They meet at a restaurant for a blind date. But will each meet their match – or their nemesis?

Steven Curtis Jones as RICHARD
Margaret Lepera* as JANE