Summer Intensives

Summer Acting Intensives in NYC

Dedicate Your Summer to Advancing Your Career

Personalized Professional Footage

Industry Preparation & Confidence

Foundational & Practical Training


Your future begins this summer.

Are you looking for dedicated study with a short-term commitment? T. Schreiber’s Summer Acting Intensives allow committed actors to use their downtime to train comprehensively in technique for stage, film, and television. These month-long acting “boot camps” meet four or five days a week with like-minded, devoted artists. Programs cover topics like character development, voice, self-promotion, industry expectations, on-camera, commercial acting, and more.

Invest in a Summer Intensive if you...

Want serious comprehensive training but cannot commit to yearlong study.
Seek an acting community; not just an acting class.
Feel comfortable with your technique but lack industry know-how.


After a Summer Intensive, you will…

Express yourself with nuance through voice and body.
Have connections and friends in the NYC entertainment industry.
Know how to be your own business manager and marketer.


On-Camera Summer Intensive

On-Camera Summer Intensive

Our On-Camera Summer Intensive incorporates an intense, hands-on approach to developing an actor’s craft with a focus on creating your own professional acting reel scene. This rigorous program is designed to deepen the actor’s truthfulness and comfort in the work.
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