I think back to 1969 when the Studio had just 10 actors in a small carriage house on
the upper east side. And here we are celebrating our 50th year!
We could not have done it without your support.
– Terry Schreiber

T. Schreiber Studio is a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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      Donors may receive information on NY charitable organizations at:       212-416-8401
Hear T. Schreiber alumnus and actor currently featured in HBO’s The Deuce and Netflix’s The Looming Tower and USA’s The Sinner discuss her experience at the Studio:

You can also donate over the phone (212) 741-0209 or via check, mailed to:

T. Schreiber Studio
151 West 26th St.
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

The Roxi Sorina Scholarship Fund- Established June 21, 2012

Roxi Sorina

To keep Roxi’s dreams alive, the T. Schreiber Studio has established The Roxi Sorina Scholarship Fund, to help young actors in their pursuit of training and living their own dreams. The scholarships will make possible the participation in the One Year Conservatory for a promising and worthy candidate, so they may, as Roxi did, shine on now and into the future.

Chantelle Adams

“If you were thinking about donating to the scholarship program I can tell you firsthand that you are giving to a program that is dedicated to the craft and its students. It is a program that teaches us to value ourselves and the work. The dedication from teachers and the students it attracts creates an environment where everyone strives to do their best work and I think that is something special!”
Chantelle Adams, 1 Year Conservatory Scholarship Recipient 2015 

T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Thank You For Your Support