Jazelle Foster

Jazelle Foster is an Actor, Acting Coach & Media and Marketing, Specialist.

A working actor mostly known for her reoccurring role in ABC’s What Would You Do?! with John Quinones. Commercial work for brands such as Olay, Target, AT&T & Uber.  Co-Lead in Amazon’s God’s Compass.

Jazelle has taught hundreds of child actors and teens around New York City including T. Schreiber, Denise Simon Studio and Actor’s Connection, as well as online on her Youtube where she teaches 117K students & parents the ins and out of starting an acting career. Her young women’s program, Worthy By Design, is focused on building the self-esteem of young women through devised theater and performance.

Alongside her acting efforts, Jazelle, a media & marketing specialist, manages & consults with creatives in marketing with companies such as The Acting Institute with Larry Silverberg, Denise Simon Coaching, Fiercely Committed to Me & T. Schreiber Studio. Creating ways to talk about your business without selling your business is a vital part of a creative’s advertisement.