A Word with the Director


The actors in Brian Drillinger’s Rehearsal Performance Workshop are deep in tech for their final showings! This Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm. Brian Drillinger, the teacher/director of the Rehearsal Performance Workshop, had some time to answer a few questions.


brianDirector of the Rehearsal Performance Workshop- Brian Drillinger


How long have you been working at T. Schreiber?

When I decided to move back to NY three years ago I reached out to the T. Schreiber studio and was invited to come teach. What was proposed to me was the rehearsal performance class. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have a class designed to take an actor through the whole process of preparing to perform a major role in a play.




Why do you enjoy doing the RPW and what makes it a unique experience?

The class begins with the first read of the play. It then covers breaking down a text, creating a character, and sculpting a performance. At the end of the class the actors have the opportunity to present three performances of the play we have been rehearsing in front of an audience. This allows them to experience the results of all their efforts. It’s a priceless opportunity to learn and experience all that goes into preparing to work in the professional theater.


What do you hope the actors take away from this experience?

Through our process I introduce exercises and techniques that have proven effective to me over the years. I encourage the class to explore these exercises and then incorporate them into their creative process. The smart actor will be able to use the skills they have learned and practiced in any work they go on to do in the future. My intention is to instill in them a technique, a way of approaching their work that is specific and effective.


Who or what inspired you to become a director?

My love of directing happened by chance. I was asked to direct a reading of a play. It was The House Of Yes, by Wendy Macleod. I was excited by the challenge and incorporated lights, music, and blocking into the reading. It went so well that I was then asked to direct the production, which also went very well.

By Raquel Loving  

To learn more about the Rehearsal Performance Workshop please visit: http://tschreiber.org/the-studio/acting-classes-nyc/rehearsalperformance-workshop-2/