Beginning Meisner Technique

Meisner Technique

Don’t Act It -- Live It.

Really Listen & Truthfully Respond

Access & Trust Your Impulses

Heighten Your Instincts & Imagination

“The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.”

Sanford Meisner

Are you ready to stop acting and start living your scenes? 

The secret to good acting is to not act at all. Meisner Technique takes actors out of their heads and helps them focus on the other actor, responding instinctively and spontaneously in the moment. This course meets in-person twice a week -- perfect for actors just starting out who want an intensive experience or actors with training who want to bring more immediacy to their work.

Taught by Robert Verlaque (The Umbrella Academy, Star Trek: Discovery, Jessica Jones, Reign, Indignation, Boardwalk Empire, Suits), this course starts with repetition and incrementally adds more complex exercises that culminate in moment-to-moment scene work. The goal is for the actor to work unselfconsciously and truthfully with ease, trusting the impulse of the moment. Outside rehearsals with a scene partner are required. 

Meisner Technique is for you if you...

Want to learn how to express organic, truthful behavior on stage and screen.
Desire a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to the Meisner Technique.
Are ready to add a new technique to your actor toolbox.


After this course, you will…

Have increased confidence and access to your impulses.
Perform roles with heightened imagination and bold instincts.
Use the reality of what's happening in the moment and achieve truthful spontaneity.

Upcoming Dates

Thu June 2 - Thu July 7
6:30pm - 10:30pm
Fee: $595/10 classes (plus $75 registration fee for new students)
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Meisner Technique Will Teach You The Fundamentals

Instructor: Robert Verlaque

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“Courage means willing to risk everything.”

Sanford Meisner

Did You Know? This class is part of our The Primer: Beginning Acting Track
What is an Acting Track?
“Although I had previous Meisner training and acting training, I still felt that my foundation was just all over the place and the spontaneity was gone. I decided to go back to the basics to get out of my head and into the moment and Bob's class has been so incredibly helpful with that.”
"He's helped me gain confidence and skills in an audition that no other teacher has given me before or since." 'Bob provided a safe environment where I felt free to be myself and take risks as an actor. Bob is the best!'​
—-Julia Udine, Christine in Phantom of the Opera
"Bob pulls away the curtain of the elusive audition. He crafts clear and simple ways to attack each scene with efficiency and depth. Not only will you have tools to better understand the script in front of you, but will build through your own authenticity, the work that only you can create. It was a blessing to find a teacher so dedicated and simplified in their approach. He pushes an actor toward the utmost truth, and will enlighten the inner life that every actor brings to the table. His experience as an actor within the work force is wisdom and knowledge, priceless to any actor. Any person looking to understand the craft will walk out of his class much richer in depth."
— Matthew Ballinger, The Deuce, Limitless, Girls.

Robert Verlaque has been a professional actor, director, teacher and writer for over 30 years and teaches in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. Recent acting credits include guest star appearances on Netflix’s hit series Umbrella Academy, CBS’s Star Trek-Discovery, and Frankie Drake Mysteries for PBS. Robert has guest starred on Jessica Jones, Boardwalk Empire, Saving Hope, Warehouse 13, Cracked, Reign and recurring Judge Gus Benjamin on Suits.

His film credits include The Games Maker opposite Joseph Fiennes and Ed Asner. Robert co-starred with Tracy Letts in the film Indignation, written and directed by James Schamus. He performed in New York in the critically acclaimed world premiere of The Road to Damascus.


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