Peter Miner

Peter Miner directed One Life to Live for 20 years, winning two Emmys and receiving eight Emmy nominations. He currently teaches film direction with an emphasis on working with actors at the Columbia University Graduate Film School. He has written and directed several short films, one an award winner, and has directed Off-Off Broadway and in regional theatre. A noted acting coach for several years, along with his wife Diane, Peter works with actors for auditions and performances (often engaged by shows or networks to work with actors already cast). Many of his students have gained success in theatre, film and television.

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On Camera II

In the On-Camera Scene Study class the focus is on keeping the words truthful and trusting the camera’s ability to read your mind and your emotions, resisting the temptation to exaggerate vocally and physically. We will explore using the script, your experience, and your imagination to create and inhabit the characters, and then when the camera is rolling—living “in the moment”, not pre-planning, but listening and reacting spontaneously.

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On Camera III

The On-Camera Master Class is a class for actors who have already had extensive on-camera experience and/or extensive theatre experience with some on-camera work. It is limited to eight actors so that we have the time to explore in depth living in the moment, really listening and responding as if you had never heard or spoken these words before while remaining true to your character and meeting the technical demands of the medium.

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On Camera Intensive

Our On-Camera Summer Intensive incorporates an intense, hands-on approach to developing an actor’s craft with a focus on film and television, including Acting Technique, On-Camera Acting and Reel Workshop.  Each component of this vigorous program is designed to deepen the actor’s truthfulness and comfort in his/her work.

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Teen On Camera

This is a scene study class for teens who have some previous experience on stage or on camera. The emphasis is on truthfulness, listening and spontaneous (rather than pre-planned) response. Work will include script analysis, auditioning and improvisation. This is an acting gym for young actors to work out and work together. Each member of the class works on camera every week.

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