On-Camera Acting Tip

We asked faculty member, Peter Miner,  recipient of 8 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy wins, what his advice is for working on-camera for auditions or casting directors.

His response:

“If you’re working on camera you’d better be truthful.  That lens can be a couple of feet from the end of your nose and if you fake, or even if you exaggerate, it sees a lie.  And so does your audience.”

On-Camera For Scene Study Starts July 14th.

In this class the focus is on keeping the words truthful and trusting the camera’s ability to read your mind and your emotions, resisting the temptation to exaggerate vocally and physically. By exploring the script, your experience, and your imagination to create and inhabit the characters, and then when the camera is rolling—living “in the moment”, not pre-planning, but listening and reacting spontaneously.