TSS Alum Julie Halston talks to The Interval about “The Babylon Line”

The Women of ‘The Babylon Line’- The Interval NY

Written by Victoria Myers

Photography by Jacqueline Harriet

December 21st, 2016


In Richard Greenberg’s The Babylon Line, now playing at Lincoln Center Theater, four women—some friends, some not—come together for a weekly creative writing class in 1967 Long Island. The play gives the all too rare chance for four actresses to be on stage together in fully formed roles. The actresses of The Babylon Line—Maddie Corman, Randy Graff, Julie Halston, and Elizabeth Reaser—are a formidable group with experiences that range from broad comedies to naturalistic dramas, and all of whom have made substantial contributions to the theatre. We gathered them to discuss their rehearsal process, working together, roles for women, and more. This conversation has been edited and condensed…

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