Vocal Production

Vocal Production

Take Control of Your Voice

Find Your Authentic Voice

Strengthen Your Breath Control at the Vocal Gym

Feel Your Voice “Drop In” to Your Body


Connect to your voice so that connecting to your audience is effortless.

Vocal Production helps actors to be fully heard by teaching them what their bodies are doing when they speak. By uncovering bad habits and using vocal warmups to strengthen control over tone, resonance, and clarity of text, actors can feel confident in their storytelling power. Faculty member Page Clements introduces a range of physical exercises to strengthen breath control and support, relaxing the throat and upper body. Actors will learn to feel their voice “drop in” to the body using the techniques of Patsy Rodenburg, Kristin Linklater, Edith Skinner, and Page’s own. Special attention is paid to fitting regular warm-ups into your everyday life.

Vocal Production is for you if you...

Are unsure if your voice is holding you back from your best storytelling.
Find that your voice trembles or strains when you get nervous.
Want to express (rather than force) both intimate on-camera moments and big on-stage ones.


After this course, you will…

Use your voice to connect to the emotional life of any character and truly support the text.
Know what it feels like to connect your voice to your body, feeling a solid foundation of support.
Have a practical warmup routine and a sense of how best to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Dates TBA

Learn with Backstage's "Favorite Vocal Coach"

Instructor: Page Clements

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Voted "Favorite Vocal Coach"
— 1st Annual Backstage Readers’ Choice Award
“[This class] addressed the technical side of the craft that isn't offered at other studios. Gave me tools to use in my daily life and practice.”
“Page taught me how to find my real, true voice, which I possessed in childhood but lost somewhere along the way. And her coaching isn’t just technical. The voice work has helped me become more emotionally available than I have ever been in my life.”
— Jon Orsini, TS

Page Clements is an actress and private coach in New York City. She received her BFA in acting from Wesleyan College in Georgia, where she also received the Wesleyan Woman of the Year award her graduation year. She furthered her training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts / New York, receiving the Lawrence Langner Award and the Charles Jehlinger Award for speech and acting respectively. She was invited to attend a third year in the Repertory Company, receiving the school’s first Neil Simon Foundation Scholarship.