by Martin McDonagh
directed by Peter Jensen

October 16 – November 24, 2013

Called a “spellbinding stunner of a play,” by New York Times critic Ben Brantley, THE PILLOWMAN follows Katurian, a writer who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a number of recent murders.

“…an utterly compelling production of this intensely layered work.”
– Theater That Matters

“Under the expert direction of Peter Jensen and with an exquisite cast, I’m tempted to state that it could be the best evening of theatre this fall that I’ve seen.”
– Greg Solomon, Theatre Is Easy



by Yasmine Beverly Rana
directed by Terry Schreiber

Feb. 26 – April 6, 2014

Set along the Mississippi River, BLOOD SKY journeys through various moments in the life of a young woman working through her past in order to build a future free from guilt and fear.


Schreiber Shorts 2014:  Beyond our Backyard

April 10 – 13, 2014
Schreiber’s Shorts:  Beyond Our Backyard is an evening of new plays that explore the nature of identity in various forms:  from African American performance art to aging, from the Israeli/Lebanese border to immigrants finding freedom on a rooftop in Manhattan.



by Joseph Mosso
directed by Crystal Edn
Starring Gus Solomons

Jason, a survivor who lives on the fringe of a life of ‘no one in particular’, is no great man of this world, but simply a kind of orphan who refuses to disappear.  Grand, ridiculous, and hopeless, Jason schmoozes, muses,  and searches for a place to belong. Based on a real New York legend.



by Wade Savitt
directed by Ivette Dumeng
With Joseph Giardina, Bonnie Cannon-Brown, and Sarah Summerwell

A rising singer with tendencies toward self-sabotage confers with the female spirit of the Sabbath before a Saturday night show.


THE SCREENS by Erik Champney, directed by Ivette Dumeng

With Malachy Silva and Enrique Gonzalez

THE SCREENS is a drama about the unanswered questions shadowing a mysterious disappearance. As a patient in a mental hospital engages an unfamiliar visitor, he realizes the two might share a frightening connection. Combining delusion with truth, THE SCREENS confronts the harrowing distance between trauma and restoration.



by Donna Hoke
directed by Becky Copley
With Peter Judd and Ellen Graff

Lottie has never been to a high school reunion; Len has been to all of them–but their 70th becomes a first for them both.



by Peter Hsieh
directed by Janet Bentley
with Kelly Jo Reid and Zach Miko

A poetic play about two long distance lovers set in a truck and a diner. The play centers on Sarah, a waitress in a small town in central California who meets a handsome trucker, who stops inside her restaurant one night. They talk about their dreams and hopes as they wait for each other.



by Ken Kaisser
directed by Joseph Giardina
With Marcus Lorenzo, Ross C. Bergen, and Ariel Eliaz

During the summer of 2006, a relentless war broke out between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Yossi, a 17 year old soldier in the Israeli army has just finished basic training.  His first assignment is to guard the Israeli-Lebanese border one week after the ceasefire.  Now he stands guard within 10 feet of a Lebanese soldier with a loaded weapon.  In confronting his fears and prejudices, Yossi comes to terms with the humanity of his enemy.

4 Days_GingerAmerica


by Lojo Simon
directed by Laura Pruden
With Melody Cheng and Shaun Wu

Su Lee practices for the Miss California pageant, but her Coach thinks she is too Asian. Is he right?  There may be more to Su Lee than what we see in this short comedy that explores “otherness” through a look at California’s multi-ethnic identity.

3 Days-InsultToInjury


by Cary Gitter
directed by Lori Kee
With Hollis Fox and Marcus Lorenzo

September 2012. As violent protests spread across the Muslim world in reaction to a YouTube video mocking the Prophet Muhammad, an American woman and an Egyptian man fall into a casual conversation that soon leads them to an unsettling place.

2 Days_YugosThere


by James Reynolds
directed by Lori Kee
With Christina Toth and Cyrus Salvia

A comedy about YUGO and BECKI  sentries on the desolate border of two countries not found on many maps.  These hostile countries are so poor they have to mark their borderline with duct tape.  Against all the rules, the two young border guards have become attracted to each other.  Will politics or emotions triumph when war breaks out?

1-Today 10 Plays_F&B2


by Yasmine Beverly Rana
directed by Janet Bentley
With Clark Beasley and Aki Tsuchimoto

When Ayesha, a woman of South Asian descent, comes to view Imran Qureshi’s Rooftop Garden Commission at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she meets Dia, a man from Central Africa.  In the presence of what seems to be an explosion of blood, Ayesha and Dia come to terms with the horror and the beauty of their past.