Free The Actors’ Typing Workshop

The Actors Typing Workshop

Do you know how Casting Directors perceive you?
Do you want to play the girl/guy next door when you would be better suited to play the wacky neighbor?
Knowing and leaning into our type as actors help us know what characteristics we need to play and which ones we exude naturally.

Join us on July 15th from 4-6 pm EST for a free Actors’ Typing Workshop.
Share your current headshot with the virtual room to hear the first impressions your headshot gives off. Crowdsource the opinions of your fellow actors and use the guiding exercises from T. Schreiber’s staff to gain a new perspective on how the world sees you and what roles you can easily fit into. At the end of the workshop, enter a raffle for 50% off of one of our summer classes now enrolling.

Space in this workshop is limited, so enroll today and be sure to log on early the day of the event!