Backstage 2011 Readers’ Choice Survey




Backstage 2011 Readers’ Choice Survey







Because of YOU, T. Schreiber has won 7 Backstage Readers’ Choice Awards in the past two years! We are so grateful for your support. THE VOTING FOR 2011 IS HERE AGAIN.

Let’s get out the vote!


Your comments and headshot may be published in the June 30th issue of Backstage and on


Here’s What We’re Eligible For:


Favorite Scene Study Teacher Since we have so many fabulous teachers at T. Schreiber,  the voting will be split if we list individual teachers. So if you would like to honor the studio as a whole, please simply vote for T. Schreiber. But it’s up to you! (Backstage changed this category from Favorite Scene Study class – which we won! –  to Favorite Teacher).
Favorite Audition Technique Teacher Favorite Cold-Reading Teacher

Favorite On-Camera Teacher


Favorite Commerical Teacher


Favorite Private Acting Coach


Favorite Acting Class for Kids Yes, Peter Miner teaches a Teen class!

Favorite Dialect Coach Page won this – go Page!


Most Memorable Theater Production in the Past 12 Months


Thanks again for all your support.

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