Magician Betty Buckley

In the same day, Betty Buckley can teach a masterclass that can fit in a rehearsal space or can teach a class of 180. How is this possible? Well, if you are lucky enough to snag a spot in Betty’s upcoming  Five Day Song Interpretation/Monologue Workshop, the first case is true. If you grab the opportunity to see her in her upcoming show at Joe’s Pub, well then you are sitting in a masterclass that has the enrollment of about 180.

How does Betty Buckley do it? How can she make me cry while I’m listening to “Memory” writing this blog? By adding meditation she says, “It’s a shortcut to the focus every great acting technique is trying to achieve.” Buckley informs her students that the benefit of meditation’s “one-pointed focus” allows for the voice to follow. “It follows who you are and what you feel about life and how you take care of yourself.. It’s magical but it’s also completely practical.” What she preaches to her students is also what has allowed to have such a fulfilled and long career which is shown through the 16 records she has recorded, received numerous awards including a Tony award, inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame in 2012, and recently, garnered rave reviews for her time as Big Edie in Grey Gardens out in California.

Photo of Betty Buckley against floral background

Click here for Betty Buckley’s latest Master Class

Angela Davis, a past student of Betty’s, remarks, “She’s a magician — when you watch her perform it looks like magic. But she’s able to teach you to do that, too. That’s what’s fascinating to me.”

If and when you snag that ticket to see her upcoming show at Joe’s Pub, watch her carefully and learn as she serenades you to the stylings of Jason Robert Brown and Radiohead.  If you’re not careful you’ll lose yourself- she’ll transform and transport you before you even have the chance to say “Holy,Grizabella.”