Summer Programs Now Enrolling!

NOW AUDITIONING!nthe Six Week Acting Conservatory AND the Four Week Summer Acting Intensive. Take a look below and decide which one is right for you…

“All the teachers were so wonderful and had almost an intuitive understanding of their student’s needs.”  ~2013 Spring Conservatory Actor

“It had everything I could have wanted.”  ~2013 Spring Conservatory Actor

October 7th – November 17th, 2013 Monday – Friday 2:00pm – 6:00pm Tuition: $1995

(Extended payment plans available)

Offered 4 times per year, the 6-Week Conservatory incorporates an intensive, hands-on approach to the three crucial areas of study in the actor’s development. Acting, voice, and body are integrated, cultivating a free, open, instinctive actor with concrete tools and techniques at his/her disposal. The course concludes with a performance of scenes in the Studio’s theatre. In the final week, acting, voice, and body teachers evaluate and work with the actors as they prepare for performance.

“What I learned in just 4 weeks was amazing!” ~2012 4-week Summer Intensive Actor

July 15th – August 8th, 2013
Monday – Thursday 2:00PM – 6:00PMnTuition: $1,400n

The TSS 4-Week Summer Intensive incorporates an intense, hands-on approach to three areas of study in the actor’s development: Acting Technique, Vocal Production and On-Camera Acting. Each component of this vigorous program is designed to deepen the actor’s sense of truth and comfort in his/ her work. Within the framework of behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances, the actor will explore character creation, needs, obstacles, and being in the moment.

“Not only did I get to know myself better as an actress, but I got to know myself better as a human being.”